View Full Version : Comparing The Schleitheim Confession ('Anabaptist') to the Historic Eastern Orthodox Confessions

Bob Higby
09-19-19, 12:38 AM

Very simply, I see no essential difference! Neither one has a spoonful of the true gospel in them, both make the 'one baptism for the remission of sins' (administration of water) as their most primary talking point and I can find nothing of the essence of the 5 solas of the Reformation or the cardinal tenets of sovereign grace doctrine in either one of them.

It was reprehensible what they did to Michael Sattler (author of Schleitheim) and his family. However, we must remember that the 'religious' charges brought against him were there only because he refused draft into the Catholic/Protestant state-church military to fight the Turks. I'm not saying that was wrong. I am saying there is no evidence that Sattler was a champion of the true gospel.

Bro. Bob