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Bob Higby
11-22-20, 11:41 AM
If anyone has never read this evidence presented by Augustus Toplady: that the whole Arminian system was invented by the papal Jesuits (Society of Jesus), which secret society has as it's sole 'secret' mission to destroy the Reformation and reunite all of 'Western Christianity' under the Roman Catholic banner.

This audio is mainly a reading of what Toplady himself wrote on the issue and his historical support quoting the Jesuits themselves for the position taken. The persecution of predestinarians mentioned occurred during the period in the Netherlands and Belgium when the Remonstrants gained full political power in that region. Toplady's point is that all of this was orchestrated by Jesuit planning. They called Arminianism the 'Sovereign Drug' which would destroy the biblical doctrine of God's sovereignty!

The Arminian system was later perfected and advanced most effectively into a fully Pelagian system by John Wesley, which caused the Jesuits to celebrate a victory lap in their efforts.

The Society of Jesus were the authors of the canons of the Council of Trent, as the papacy depended on them to produce a very skilled and scholarly refutation of the Reformation. They were also the educated 'missionaries' who came to the Americas to promote Roman Catholic evangelism (traveling land and sea to make one proselyte). The movie "The Mission" is based on their work in Latin America. NOTE: the Papacy for centuries had a love-hate relationship with the Jesuits, the Vatican never officially supported them. One Pontiff (Leo ?) even invalidated their ordination and (supposed) ability to transform the mass for a time. Strangely, now we have the first Jesuit pontiff in history!

The Jesuits invented (seemingly) nearly every false doctrine implanted in churches professing the Reformation throughout its history: biblical skepticism, Pentecostalism, Holiness perfectionism, the Charismatic movement, the prophetic systems of Preterism and Futurism, Dispensationalism, Theonomy, the Second Advent awakening (Manuel Lacunza), future restoration of ethnic Judaism pre-eminently reigning with Christ for the millennium after the 'times of the Gentiles' are ended, the pre-tribulation rapture and all associated false teaching, and I'm sure I could think of others I have uncovered in my studies.

Here is the audio: https://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=7200654949

Bro. Bob

11-23-20, 06:46 AM
Thanks Bob, I'll check it out... I've added it here as well. https://www.pristinegrace.org/media.php?id=33072

Bob Higby
11-24-20, 10:12 AM
A correction, it was Pope Clement XIV that de-ordained the Jesuits from the mass worldwide (by decree), he later issued a bull "Dominus ac Redemptor" and dissolved the entire Jesuit order in return for territorial concessions by France and Spain who were threatening the Papal States. The subsequent Pope Leo XII (which was who I had in mind) banned certain Jesuit writings (particularly those of Manuel Lacunza) by placing them on the Index of Prohibited Books.

Here is a short piece on the relationship of the Jesuit order and the Council of Trent: https://amazingdiscoveries.org/RT_encyclopedia_Futurism_Council-of-Trent