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12-02-03, 09:36 AM
For those of you that are new to 5solas.org or aren't acquainted with the website all that well, I am creating this thread that I intend on keeping at the top of the Christian Theology Forum. I would ask that you become familiar with the forum moderators, the 5solas.org statement of faith, and the Posting guidelines.

As you may or may not know, I am the owner/webmaster of this website. I started it back in 1997/'98 when I was living the life of an antinomial deceived individual who thought he was a Christian. The name of the web site was bornagain.net. At one time it was one of the most popular places for people to chat and interact. I was Arminian in my thinking as well as Dispensational but when I was converted to the gospel of grace around 2000, I changed the name of the web site to 5solas.org to reflect more accurately my personally held beliefs. I changed the format of the website to be that of a library archive of short articles and some books. However, I have retained the name bornagain.net and you can still access the website through that URL. I'm still questioning if I should ever do anything special with that domain name...

I don't necessarily agree with every item in the archive 100%. Right now I'm a convinced supralapsarian, but have yet to come to a complete understanding of all the implications to which this theological mindset leads. Most of the articles appear to be written from an infralapsarian world view (even my pastor is 'Infra'), and that is alright with me because I honestly don't think this is an issue over which we ought to divide :D

I call myself a baptist primarily because I believe we ought not baptize babies. I also hold to many of the distinctives that baptists have historically held to such as liberty of conscience and separation of church and state. But as far as fellowship is concerned, I will embrace all who proclaim (in word and deed) the biblical gospel of grace in Christ Jesus as brethren.

I've gone by many nicknames online in the past: airkraft, bkraft, kermie, grebel, and most recently Dr. Gill. So if you find a post by any of these names in the forum, you can assume it is by me. My theology is ever changing it seems, so I would ask that if you find something I wrote about a couple years ago that doesn't sit right with you, bring it to me - you may be surprised to learn I've changed my mind on a good many topics! I sometimes shudder at some of the stuff I have written on this forum; but I want to keep every post archived simply because the grace of God becomes apparent by looking back to see how far He has brought us.

The latest incarnation of this forum was created in October 2001 when we switched over from the old system. At that time, I only had one lone sister helping me, and that was Christ_Alone (Carla). At the time when I made my switch from evangelical arminianism to sovereign grace calvinism, most of the arminians didn't take the switch well, and there were a lot of problems on the forum. Because of those problems I went shopping for a more secure system and purchased the vbulletin system. When I switched over to the new system, I decided to validate each e-mail address and personally approve each person's posting account. I think these precautions have prevented a lot of the problems we faced on the old system. There is a newer version of the software in development with a lot of neat and new fancy features such as true word processing capabilities that I plan on implementing as soon as it comes out of beta testing.

As we've progressed through discussion of biblical topics on this forum a number of men and women have stepped up and contributed their efforts into moderating and overseeing the smooth operation of the forum. To them I am greatly indebted because I don't think I could keep things running so smoothly by myself. I would ask that you respect the following individuals as you encounter them in the discussions: Christ__Alone (Carla), Mrs. Gill (my wife Angie), GreekPrincess (Georgieanne), disciple (Doug), Traveler (Steve), Alan Stevens (Alan), GraceAmbassador (Milt), BillTwisse (Bob), and Dr. Gill (me Brandan).

Our statement of faith can be found at http://www.5solas.org/media.php?id=554 - please read it and familiarize yourself with it so that if we say something you don't agree with you won't be shocked!

We have updated our forum rules and guidelines which you can read here: http://www.5solas.org/media.php?id=313 - Please read these and familiarize yourself with them. We will not accept the excuse that you did not know what the rules were when we ban you for breaking them.

If you have any questions about this forum or our posting rules, this is the thread to make your questions known. You can also e-mail me by following this link: http://www.5solas.org/contact.php


12-02-03, 09:46 AM
As an addendum to this thread, I would like to tell you about the Bible Fellowship Group over on MSN - http://groups.msn.com/biblefellowship. After Carla started helping me out as a moderator she kind of drug me over to her chat room and asked me to moderate there! I'm glad I did as I think it's the best place to chat on the internet. There are Christians from a wide variety of sovereign grace backgrounds and the discussions we have there are some of the most edifying and thought provoking I've ever had. It is really nice to be able to discuss (seriously, we TALK with our voice) to others that agree and disagree with us on various topics. If you would like to talk to me sometime, head on over to our chat page - http://www.5solas.org/chat.php - and follow the instructions there. I as well as a few others that post here hang out there when we have some free time and would be happy to talk to you :D

12-02-03, 10:10 AM

In your paragraph,

Right now I'm a convinced supralapsarian, but have yet to come to a complete understanding of all the implications to which this theological mindset leads. Most of the articles appear to be written from an infralapsarian world view (even my pastor is 'Infra'), and that is alright with me because I honestly don't think this is an issue over which we ought to divide.

What does supralapsarian and infralapsarian mean?

EDIT PART: I just found the link in Soteriology. What's the simple definition?

12-02-03, 10:42 AM
The issue is over the logical order of God's decrees.

In the infra scenario election comes after the fall.

In the supra scenario election comes prior to the fall.

The infra position goes by the way God works out His plan in history.

The supra position looks at it similarly to someone building a house. First the person determines they want to build a house, then they determine the way they will do it.

Sola Gratia,

12-02-03, 12:33 PM
What scriptures do both camps ascribe too?

Who originated those doctrines? I never heard of it before today. Was it like John Nelson Darby making up the Dispentsational theory back in 1820's?

12-02-03, 12:41 PM
The supras often appeal to Scriptures which speak of us being chosen in Him from before the foundation of the world. The passage that speaks of the Lamb slain from before the foundation of the world is particularly strong.

The infras simply follow the Biblical narrative chronologically. Many worry that a supra position would lead one to conclude that God is the author of sin. The danger in an extreme infra position is viewing God as if He is standing outside the garden waiting to see what is going to happen.

Sola Gratia,