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10-29-01, 08:37 PM
speaking of dreams which come true to the minutest detail, are they of God since they always come true within 24 hrs down to the tiniest detail? perfection. But if it is not of God then are we saying that satan knows the future to the tiniest detail? I have always heard that the way to tell them apart is that something of satan is always wrong in some way in the area of future events? NOt looking for a discussion of spiritual gifts, as this may not be one. Dreams, visions whatever that come true may not be prophecy i dont know that much about prophecy, just dreams. I find it difficult to believe satan knows any future event perfectly. HELP ME!! PLEASE. THANKS , LOVE, DEBBIE

10-29-01, 09:59 PM
Satan can only know, or do, as much as God allows.

Could God allow satan to have knowledge of a future event in your life, allow you to dream it, and then allow satan to bombard you with doubts and confusion over it?

He could, yes... but why would He?

Not so sure that can be answered by Scripture, and opinions are only worth the time it takes to read them (and some opinions aren't even worth that much).

We can however, look to Job as an example. Since God allowed satan to blast Job over and over, satan certainly knew what he was going to do to Job, with God's permission.

The thing to always keep in mind is, satan is NOT omniscient, meaning he does not know our thoughts, our heart, or our prayers. He doesn't know any more than God allows him to know. He IS under the sovereign hand of God, just like we are.

Now, on the other hand...

Some dreams ARE of God, and fulfil a very specific purpose. For example, I had a dream once that I left my door open, and some kid came in and took a handful of candy out of the candy dish that was sitting on the coffee table. Now this actually happened in real life, a few days before the dream, and it kind of made me mad. Yet in the dream, when I went to shut the door, being mad at the kid, God spoke to my heart and said "why are you mad at someone else, YOU are the one who left your door open... if you leave doors open, you have no ground to be angry at who comes in".

When I woke up, I was actually standing in the same place in the living room, as I was in my dream. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed.

The question I would ask, about dreams, is "who is receiving glory here?" If the message or the event is to bring glory to God, then I would have to say it's from Him. If not, then it's just "one of those things" that we might not be able to explain, OR, it's satan messing with you, by God's permission...

Just a few thoughts.

10-29-01, 10:21 PM
Just my thots:

Whether a dream is from God or Satan or just last night's supper shld be quite clear to the dreamer.

I've read a few books on dream interpretation wherein the author says that God can speak to us in our "normal" nightly dreams, which are usu weird and meaningless hence the need to learn how to interpret.

I always found this "not quite right" as what I see about dreams in the NT after the cross are that they are usually very clear with clear instructions. ie you dont get up wondering hmm??? is this from God?

So I believe that when a dream comes from God, you'd know it for sure. Usu Jesus or an angel speaks to you.

As for the devil, I believe he can cast some dreams into your mind when you sleep but his dreams if they are prophetic can only mean bad things. ie he cannot know and predict the good plans of God, only his own evil plans.

eg: If he is influencing someone to assasinate the President, then of course he can give someone that "prophetic" dream/vision, and it may just come to pass. That's why spiritualist/mediums like Nostradamus do have some success with prophecies, but you'll notice that they are always bad things - the devil can only predict his own evil works to come.

In Singapore, the Chinese like to visit fortune tellers, they are usu very accurate about your past and quite accurate abt your future. But it's usu bad things that they tell you about your life.

God bless

10-30-01, 10:03 AM
ah ha!! with both of your help, and I never thought of this before, nor ever read of it, I may have it figured out. These particular dreams have always been of death, yet so real I awoke wondering how I got in my home, not immediatley realizing it had been a dream. The dreams were always futuristic: I dreamed I was watching the evening news seeing the anchorman tell of a death of a certain movie star; I was being told by a friend of a certain plane crash, etc. In reality I learned of the events just as the dream showed I would learn of the event, within 24 hrs, to the "T" of details. This went on from age 8- 40 then the dreams hit home, no longer of strangers. I prayed to God to take them away, & He did.Several years have passed & you 2 have helped me understand it now. Thank you. God was showing me what the devil had planned!!!!!!!!!!!

10-30-01, 09:34 PM
Boy I didnt know it was so bad! Glad to be of a little help.
Although God has taken away your bad dreams, I hope you are
still open to his dreams for you, rare as it may be.

I dream a lot. In fact whenever I sleep - even a nap on the desk!
But my dreams are always weird, disjointed and quite meaningless. Anyway I forget them the moment I awake. I really dont think any of them are from God. But I'm
always open to God giving me a dream or vision, as He wills, but so far, nothing really.

God bless.