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I decided to update this section, mainly due to the Q&A SECTION, and how it is worded. My changed answers are mentioned here.

Are some men elected to damnation?..I say NO, because the reprobate are passed over, not positively elected to damnation, like the elect are positively elected to salvation. Predestination has two categories from God's perspective, Grace and Justice, and both are dealt with differently from God's perspective.

Do you believe salvation is offered to all men who hear someone preach the Gospel?..Salvation is offered to all who repent and believe.That is the qualifier.

Do you believe God wants all men to be saved? No, only all of those who repent and believe is the Biblical answer.

God loves all men? Apart from God's "common grace", a term I do not really like, it is obvious that apart from grace, God hates all sinners with a holy hatred and righteous anger.

Do you believe God wanted Adam to fall into sin?.... I answer YES, because God works "all things" for His good purposes, and Adams sin is certainly one of those "All things", right?

How many wills of God are there? I say "two wills", because God does have two ways of willing, BUT, in the strictest and orthodox sense, God has One Sovereign will, that has two aspects to it, hence the often misunderstood "Two wills" doctrine, which has legitimacy.

When in time do you believe God constitutes the elect as righteous?...Difficult question, but as it says "in time", then I have to answer "The cross", although, the in time "application", is at the point of regeneration, leading to faith alone etc.

Do you believe that the object of any form of God's love is ever a reprobate man?..No, because God hates the sinner and not just the sin, and as this is a "reprobate", the answer is NO. However there is a disposition of kindness from God as part of His nature, which unbelievers and believers do receive. It is called Common grace.

What is Faith?..It is belief in the heart as opposed to just belief in the mind. Meaning, the whole "person" is taken up by it ie Mind, body and spirit, but it is also true that a Mind in love with Christ "that has no works" can be likened to a fish that does not swim.

How does one know if they believe the Gospel?--God gives evidence to the elect, and works is one of them. The main evidence is belief in God's word.


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