"Inner Wars"

This is a little poem written like the screw tape letters. I hope that it is something that I've not gone through on my own, but that other's have had some kind of simular experience.

{Evil To Seeker}
Welcome little one. Are you having fun? So you thought you might, so you thought you could do something good for your lively hood. Well here are some things you didn't see you lacked, hey wait man get your self back. You're not about to get your self to leave now you're amongst the unseen.

Beauty is my name. Your pleasure is my game. Fairest of them all, although I fell it's OK I'm doing well. You want to get the "Hell" out real fast; it doesn't take to long you wont last.

Balance is not that bad. There's no need to be sad. There is pleanty to be had between the good and bad. And no need to be going back you can get them things that you think you lack. Because it doesn't matter what you think you do, or even who you think you do it too. It's OK you'll be doing well you see you've got this thing that's called free will. So stand on your own and call it your new home. In balance you will be found dancing all around. Neither bad nor good in balance neighbor hood.

And you're fighting to be free. You're just like me. And on your belly you shall crawl. I said yes, oh yes.

Well you still feel that you think you are going to leave, and you are fighting hard for your belief in the "One" that you call your home; there is no place else and your not alone. You're running for the mark, you're never going to stop. You're getting that reward. It's what you're fighting for. Or you maybe way to scared of me, the pitts of "Hell's" fire I breath. You don't want to be damned in my hands for ever more in my promised land. It doesn't matter how you see it any way; but let me tell you something, it's OK. You're only looking after you number one in saving yourself; go ahead son.

{Seekers Response To Evil}
Well I find myself sitting here with you and listening to your half truths. No need to be sad. There is pleanty to be had between the good and bad. I really haven't much to say but let me tell you something, it's OK. I knew right from the start you're trying to still my heart. To only take me away from what I believe today. Confusion is your name, deception is your game, and you're wanting me to be all insane. And I'm not on the run for what you think I lack, I've always known there is no turning back.

Now balance so you say is the only way. I'll neither stand for love, me, or hate. So if balance is the hand, confusion is the land. No one shall be found dancing all around. Delusion of confusion we will all be loosing; fighting for the sighting of some kind of lighting only to find a void in life clinging to what is seen, and that is the my, I me.

Balance, you don't care you're just trying to get me there. In your fired hands, in your promised land; so that you may say I've done today taken another man, God, out of your hands. It is a game to you running from truth, but what do you care you are already there all alone in your cold home. And from your swelling hate you will continue to debate; when in, Gods, home no one is alone. All serene minds, no one is blind. All shall see who we truly are, where we come from, and what was done. In it we'll be there, love every where. A place for all, big or small. No disease is found, and no more frowns. Hate shall dissipate. All within the light, within our home there will be no more fright. We will only be what we are created to see.

And yes, I'm fighting to be free. But not like thee. And on my belly I have crawled. Yes, Oh yes...