I have his 658 page Basic Bible Doctrine book . I will first be quoting him from chapter 46 -- The Preaching of the Gospel .

We preach the gospel indiscriminately to all who will hear us , calling all to repentance and faith in Christ , just as our Lord commanded us . ( page 383 )

This divine authority makes the preaching of the gospel a matter of urgent responsibility ( Proverbs 1:23-31 ) ... This gospel call is a most gracious call ( Isaiah 1:18 ; 55;1-7 ) . In infinite mercy and grace , God sends saved sinners to proclaim his free grace to perishing sinners , and uses the most gracious terms imaginable to persuade hell deserving men and women to come to Christ . ( page 384 )

God's servants call needy sinners , reasoning with them , pleading with them in God's name , with God's authority , in Christ's stead , to trust Christ and be saved ( Ezekiek 18:23 , 32 ; 33;11) . ( p. 385 )

We preach the gospel freely to all men , with earnestness , zeal , and unabated fervency , and with absolute confidence of success , because this is God's message , and because God will save his people by the gospel we preach . ( p. 386 )

Then on page 393 in the chapter called : What is it to Preach the Gospel , he quotes with approval something Pastor Henry Mahan said years ago in a sermon .

To preach the gospel is to declare it with a genuine desire that all who hear it may believe . Those who preach the gospel indifferently do not preach the gospel . They only go through the motions of preaching . God's servants do not preach with indifference , but with passion , as dying men to dying men . The gospel ought to be preached , as Luther said , ' as if I had just learned it today , as if you had never heard it before , as if you were sure never to hear it again ' . Every gospel preacher can honestly say with Paul , ' My prayer and heart's desire to God for you is that you may be saved ' . That is what it is to preach the gospel .