The following is taken from Jerome Zanchius's " Reprobation " .

But to come closer still . That absolute predestination does not set aside , nor render superfluous the use of preaching , exhortation , etc. , we prove from the examples of Christ Himself and his apostles , who all taught and insisted upon the article of predestination , and yet took every opportunity of preaching to sinners and enforced their ministry with proper rebukes , invitations and exhortations as occasion required . Though they showed unanswerably that salvation is the free gift of God and lies entirely at His sovereign disposal , that men can of themselves do nothing spiritually good , and that it is God who of His own pleasure works in them both to will and to do , yet they did not neglect to address their hearers as beings possessed of reason and conscience , nor omitted to remind them of their duties as such ; but showed them their sin and danger by nature , and laid before them the appointed way and method of salvation as exhibited in the Gospel .