Let's read together...?

The Commentary on the Book of Galatians by Martin Luther


'In my heart reigns this one article, faith in my dear Lord Christ, the beginning, middle and end of whatever spiritual and divine thoughts I may have, whether by day or by night.'

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I am currenly reading a very heavy book about 'The Emergent Church' and have discovered that the current trend is that the Gospel is many-versioned, many faceted, many-layered, and Christ-centered. The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, as well as the Book of Acts, and Paul's epistles, tell different versions of the same Gospel.

In the words of Brian D. McLaren (Foremost proponent of the Emergent Church Movement)

....'The belief that truth is best understood by reducing it to a few fundamentals or a single "sola" insight is, to me, at least questionable if not downright dangerous. Isn't truth often best understood in a conversation, a dialectic (or trialectic), or a dynamic tension? Isn't it subverted by a tendency to "sola-ize"? It wasn't just a rock singer back in the 1970's who crooned "one is the loneliest number" The wise preacher of Ecclesiastes said two are better than one, and three better still. Reductionism isn't all it's cracked up to be'

McLaren's appeal to Ecclesiastes is faulty. The Scripture he refers to has nothing to do with coming to a knowledge of truth. It has to do with those of like mind holding each other up.

By 'sola' he is referring to 'sola scriptura', or 'only Scripture' as the authority for all beliefs and practices for true believers in Jesus. "Reductionism" is a bad word for him. It means reliance upon Scripture alone for all truth. He consistenly impungs Scripture as the only source of authority and instead champions the Marxist concept of "dialectic" as the path to truth. This dialectic approach of Marxism was honed to perfection by international communism. We don't need that in the body of Christ!

When I witnessed the way in which y'all discussed the book called, 'The Bondage of the Will' by Luther. I wished that I had participated, but I wanted to crack into the book which I had received as a present; all on my own. Now with the current demand for us to move into discussions that are more mature and in this case extremely current, I thought that Martin Luther's commentary on the letter to the Galatians, would be ideal.

You all know that the Holy Spirit guided the Apostle Paul to address the problem of another gospel, a false gospel. The Roman Catholic Church has a whole list of anathema's, but the most severe anathema is spoken against those who are teaching another gospel, which is not really a gospel. So with the current trend towards a gigantic distortion of truth, it is really important that we know what is the true gospel. I have read this letter many, many times, and each time the water around me seems to have got deeper and deeper, and deeper still. So if no-one objects, perhaps we could read this a chapter at a time ?