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Thread: Prayers For Sale?

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    Prayers For Sale?

    Below is an article I thought was very amusing. Amusing enough to make some comments. As usual my responses will be in red letters.


    Does His Business Have a Prayer?
    Geoff Williams, AOL Small Business,

    If you deal in intangibles, you may sometimes find it difficult to prove to customers that you're delivering a solid return on their investment. For instance, if you're a consultant overseeing a sales team, it can be challenging to know -- at least right away -- if your advice is actually working. Or if you sell an energy-saving device, nobody's going to know how it's working until the utility bills start coming. But think how hard it is to prove a return on investment when you own a prayer business.

    This is nothing new. The organized christian (in name only) church has been selling it's services for centuries. Even our Lord Jesus Christ had to overturn the money changers in the synagogue in His days on earth. But interesting enough religious exploitation, greed, and avarice will never end in this temporal existence.

    Joel Gross, 25, doesn't seem daunted by that -- nor by the fact that he is an agnostic. Unregenerate and unlearned religious people have been given this deception by God Himself to further be deceived. He now has a tiny stake in the $4.6 billion spent every year on Christian products and services, as reported by $4.6 billion? What a bunch of suckers! Last August, he hung up his shingle on the Internet and created Prayer Helpers. The product Gross's company sells: prayers. If you're down and out and want someone to pray for you, you just send $9.99, and Prayer Helpers will pray for you. $9.99 what a bargain! You can't get away that cheap from the charletons that already exist. They want 10% of your gross income minimum and then some. Mike Murdock, Morris Cerrillo, Copeland, Hinn, Hagan, and the rest of these crooks get much more than $9.99. A true fleecing!

    It's not as crass as it sounds. Gross recognizes that his business isn't for all religious people. Thats right. It's for suckers only! He says he sees this as a service for people who have private issues and don't feel comfortable asking friends and family to pray for them. Well if they feel uncomfortable asking friends and family to pray for them, why not just pray to God yourself and leave the rest out? At best you will save $9.99. It should also be quickly noted that Gross, who says he was religious growing up, You see, his religion could not prevent him from being an Agnostic now. In fact religious people are the most miserable people on this earth. Only Christ can save His people from the throngs and clutches of religion. is also not the one doing the praying. He has a silent partner, a longtime friend from his youth, who studied religion in school and is a Christian, What?? Boy how they love to throw that word Christian around. handling the customer service side of the business, which includes interacting with the people who email and doing the actual praying.

    Prayer Helpers is also offering a free prayer to customers who want to try the service. Oh boy I'm excited now. A free trial period! As Gross's Web site says, "We are so confident in the power of our Prayer Helpers to petition God on your behalf, in a fashion that leaves you totally satisfied, that we are offering an absolutely free prayer trial. We know that after you try our free prayer service, you will come back to us for every important issue that you need the help of God to resolve." “there is a way that seemeth right unto man , but the end thereof are the ways of death”

    But it hasn't exactly been a booming business yet. Since Gross opened up Prayer Helpers, he has had few paying customers -- well, not even a few. "Two. We've had two customers," admits Gross, sounding a little sheepish. I don't think this guy will make it. The organized church (Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Lutheran, and ALL Pentecostal Charismaniacs, has cornered the market on suckers already. Most get brainwashed from cradle (Infant baptism) right up to the their deathbeds. Unless of course God intervenes and regenerates them.

    While that may be due to the recession, or possibly due to the aforementioned difficulty gauging return on investment (you have to not just have faith in God, but that the prayer service works), Positive thinking all the way!Gross thinks the lack of customers has mostly been because "people don't even know there's a service like this out there, that you can go online and find people who will pray for your request and keep it private. That's been my biggest challenge, getting the word out." Don't give up my friend there's a sucker born every minute. But you better act fast! There's a lot of competition out there for those DOLLARS.

    Gross also has some competition in the blogosphere -- other online services that, for a fee, will pray for their patrons. In the Company of Prayer is specifically aimed at entrepreneurs and executives aiming to, in the words of their Web site, "provide a quick, daily prayer specifically to businessmen and women, who, like us, find prayer to be an inspirational tool in the management of our professional lives." Subscriptions range from as low as $12 a year, to $50 and even $250 per year. Can you let me know when prayers are on sale for half price? I'm a bargain shopper.

    Meanwhile,, which came on the scene this year, is offered to people of all religions. That's right. You truly have the ecumenical spirit.What makes it different is that it utilizes a computer with text-to-speech capability, so it's not a person, but instead, a PC or Mac praying for you. Hey Graig (batman) are you reading this. A “Mac” praying for you! The cost varies, depending on everything from your denomination to what prayer service you're using. Right now, if you're a Catholic, you can get a deal on the Lord's Prayer -- only pay $3.95 a month instead of the usual $6. Or you could sign up for the computer to recite a Hail Mary in your name; that's just 7 cents. Will you throw in a lit candle for me also at no extra charge?

    As for how Gross came to enter the online prayer business, a year ago, he and a friend were making a list of possible business ideas. Not surprising: Gross was a business major at the University of Washington in Seattle. (He now lives in Venice, California, and works full time as a Web designer.) As they chewed over concepts for a startup, the conversation made its way to his friend joking that Gross could sell prayers. Gross didn't laugh. He felt there was a business opportunity to exploit. And you know something, he's right. Religious people are the easiest people to exploit. However I feel he's jumping on the band wagon a little late in the game. The organized christian church has absorbed most of the suckers already. But there is a glimmer of hope for this fellow.

    Gross admits that some of his friends and family, however, have been worried that he is instead exploiting people of faith. "The strongest reactions," says Gross, "have come from my atheist friends who think I'm taking advantage of Christians and people who are superstitious." His atheist friends have more common sense and truth about this matter, than most of the “churched.” They have been conditioned to believe about anything their pastor teaches them, so with their defenses destroyed, these unsuspecting folks are no match for the hucksters.

    Meanwhile, his Christian friends, says Gross, have been more bemused and generally supportive, but even there, he admits, "They see it as a weird service."

    In conclusion, there is nothing new under the sun. From religious exploitation to the every day snake oil salesman, as long as there are ignorant, superstitious, and gullible people living on this earth, there will always be an opportunity to extort money from them.

    My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand..........John 10:27,28

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    Re: Prayers For Sale?

    Great comments Nick!
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