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Thread: Calvin not claim to calvinists

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    Calvin not claim to calvinists


    There are groups who claim that the Baptists - is not the Calvinists and the Protestants do not. Moreover, they believe that the word Calvinism - it ugly name on behalf of a person, not Christ. Such people believe that they have nothing in common with Protestantism and ascend directly to the apostles. Nonetheless, they believe that in the Middle Ages, the truth of sovereign grace, continued to adhere to the Waldenses, Albigenses, and almost Knights Templar! . They insist also on its continuity with the Anabaptists, and not the Reformation - because her supporters are not only baptized children, but could pursue Anabaptism, for the reason that they were once Catholics and retained much of Roman Catholicism.
    Nevertheless, supporters of these groups believe that the classical Calvinism has done much to reveal the Bible. They take 5 points of Calvinism ("tulip") and believe this teaching right and precious, though emanating from the people, confused in many other things. They insist that they are the successors of the classical Baptists, and reject heresy and ecumenical missionary XIX - XX centuries, as well as an open Communion and supporting church institutions (this is difference between the Baptists "old school" from "missionary baptists").In any case, they reject the name of the "hyper-calvinism" as a derogatory label coming from strangers.
    I believe that all this argument can go in the West, but it is not fair in Russia. Our Church - an independent Russian Reformed Church. We will never be separated from the Catholics, for the simple reason that among us they just did not have (the Catholic part of Ukraine, where are a lot of a Reformed and Particular Baptist Churches - this is not Russia).We did not create the Presbyterian church, although working with them.We have received its existence from the ancient Church, from the early Jewish Christians, and have appeared in Russia at the first attempt of its conversion to Christianity with the West, from Germany, which at that time was of the Augustinianism with bold features of a ritual that had not been a purely Roman .Accordingly, although we do not believe what comes from John the Baptist, we are preceding Christianization of Russia in the Byzantine rite and the whole history of Russian Orthodoxy.
    The assertion that baptism comes from the French esoteric - it's a slap to any normal Christian thinker. Albigensians and the majority of movements like leaning at all were not Christians because they denied the Old Testament and the Godmanhood of Christ.Templars seem to have used appears in Spain and southern France Adoptian heresy and opposed the concept of Jesus Christ as a God-Man, and believed that Christ - this is not a person but a principle which is also present in non-Christian religions (in this soil appeared later Freemasonry).Furthermore, some of these unfortunate people to believe that Mary Magdalene married Jesus and had children who were the ancestors of the French kings!
    All this has nothing to do with salvation by grace alone, which was the original teachings of Messianic Jews and early Christians, and assimilated the Baptists of the XVII century under the direct influence of Calvinism. If you follow the Scripture and history, these blatant inconsistencies can be easily seen, although the heresies and cults today are making Herculean efforts to forget about them. It is regrettable that under their influence in a Baptist environment today, oddly enough, the beginning of an extremely successful distributed denial of grace and the Church in the Old Testament. Dear friends, we must not forget the past so as not to lose the future. I think his duty to the Church, very close to some of the doctrinal points to the classic Baptists to explain all this to show the precarious position of those who opposes itself to the Reformation and the Church is looking for among the heresies, and also puts forward the claim, it is not applicable to the Russian Church.
    "This is our land. A land of peace and of plenty. A land of harmony and hope. This is our land. Oceania. These are our people. The workers, the strivers, the builders. These are our people. The builders of our world, struggling, fighting, bleeding, dying. On the streets of our cities and on the far-flung battlefields. Fighting against the mutilation of our hopes and dreams. Who are they?"

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    Re: Calvin not claim to calvinists

    Eisenhorn, I encourage you to continue posting. However, if you are going to post do so in order to start dialog, or if you have a question or are interested in what others think of a topic fine, but please don't post long dissertations or article unless there is a point you wish to make along with them. If it's an article, please just post the link.

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    Re: Calvin not claim to calvinists

    Actually, if you have an article, post it in our blog section. Thanks!
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    Re: Calvin not claim to calvinists


    I vividly understand a lot of your points--the structured and corporately organized 'church' is largely a European and American phenomenon. I am working on an article "The 400 Year Reign of the Baptist Popes" which should agree with most of what you have said here! The last triumph of Popery is English and American Baptistism; all other Protestant religions have been LESS SERIOUS though firm in their claims to move away from Popery! --Robert
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