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Thread: What does the word "means" mean to you?

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    Gentlemen, I am so glad that this discussion was maintained in a friendly manner, but I do think some clarity can still be offered.

    First, to say that logic is a part of the created order makes God a confused being. Think with me for a moment on what this says about the Godhead before creation. If logic was created alongside the rest of the laws of reality, then God was illogical before creation. His thoughts were unordered and chaotic. This idea completely destroys the decree of God, which all happened before creation itself. Now while Clark did take this idea a little far, he said it well. Logic is the way God's mind works. It is not a law unto Him, it is a part of His essential nature. Just as He is just, good, loving, wrathful, and the like, He is logical. We describe Him as such because He tells us to. We are called to be logical (to organize our thoughts in accordance with logic) because this is the mind of Christ. It is not a restriction on God, it is a descriptor. We are saying that these laws that we have over us are to give us the character that God has. We are to emulate Him, and this is a way in which we do that. Logic is not a law that God obeys, it is that system that He organizes his own thoughts by. So long as God was thinking, He was doing so logically.

    Second, I am amazed that so many people missed the point that would end this discussion completely. No one is restricting God's freedom to say that he acts according to His nature. Scripture tells us everywhere that God acts and plans according to His good will. His good will comes out of his very nature. His nature is truth and goodness and light. He never acts or decrees otherwise. Again this is no restriction, it is a descriptor. God cannot sin because He is good and never desires to sin. He will never desire to sin because of who He is, not because some law of His nature forces Him to. We all agree God is completely free and nothing outside Him compels Him, but even scripture says His nature compels Him. It's who He is. His freedom is a lack of force or constraint, not to say that He has no driving force in Him. HE IS GOD ALMIGHTY, KING AND SOVEREIGN OF ALL! His nature is beautiful and could not be otherwise. God did not create His own nature, or decide His attributes. No one and nothing dictates to Him how to think or behave. All of His freedom comes from His essential nature, just as all His other attributes.

    I desperately wanted to say this, whether I helped the discussion I cannot say. I hope I have expressed my own faith in the God who is and faithful represented His word.

    May God be the Judge

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