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Thread: Is the universe mechanical?

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    Is the universe mechanical?

    I basically believe that the universe is a mechanism, in both the material and the spiritual realms. There are material mechanisms and there are spiritual mechanisms. God alone exists outside the created, mechanical order, and the work of his Holy Spirit is a miraculous work that defies any need for mechanism. God alone has a true, libertarian, free will. Miracles are, so to speak, the direct intervention of God in the world. Now, I also believe that the Lord is upholding all things at all times by the word of his power, and so I'm in no way denying that God is, absolutely, the ultimate and immediate cause of all things. He is. I'm just saying that I also believe the created order works according to a great big mechanism, because that is how God has created it. In fact I'd say that the idea of mechanism is integral to the way God has created creation.

    When people say, "so we're all robots, then" I merely point out that robots are not biological, they don't think, they aren't alive and obviously, they don't make choices, they are not conscious, they are completely unaware of pain or pleasure, and in these ways we are different to robots, but in so far as robots are mechanisms, I say that this is something all created beings share in common. In fact, I believe mechanism is almost part of the definition of something being created. Cause and effect is the logic of God working its way out in the world.

    This is, at least in part, how I see the sovereignty of God over everything working. My question is, do other people think God's sovereignty works like that? And, how else could it work?
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