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Thread: The Atonement: Hypothetical Necessity or Consequent Absolute Necessity?

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    The Atonement: Hypothetical Necessity or Consequent Absolute Necessity?

    To introduce the subject of the necessity of the atonement, I have attached a PDF study that explains the issue pretty well. This is one of those supposed 'watershed' issues with two poles enabling each side to condemn the other as heterodox.

    I accept neither view as defined but will enter into discussion of a 'third way' if there is an interest in pursuing the issue (which to me is very significant to understanding the true gospel). I will quote one of my favorite teachers from the past who is also quoted at the end of this article--'before I talk about it, brother do you want to pursue it?' .

    A lot of the presuppositions of this debate are still a carryover from Augustinian theology and philosophy, though most would deny this. The classical doctrine of atonement (ransom paid to Satan) in a massively revised form is still alive. Satan as a 'god' along the lines of Manichean dualism has been replaced by an 'eternal law' that God must obey along the lines of Manichean dualism.

    To clarify: the issue I'm talking about is the discussion of the two views of the necessity early in the article, NOT the issue of the extent of the atonement (Particular vs. General) later in the article. On that I agree 100% with Particular Redemption and the defense of it.

    Bro. Bob

    Necessity of the Atonement.pdf
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