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Thread: A New Reformation or Rebuilding the Ekklesia

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    A New Reformation or Rebuilding the Ekklesia

    For a long time now I have been discussing the topic of a new Reformation with those closest to me. I've wanted to see this even from the days that I've read the Trinity Review and publications like it. Clearly to me there is a drive amongst true gospel believers to rebuke and separate from churchianity, even to the point of calling them apostate publicly. While I am all for this, I'm wondering what will become of such a movement. I firmly believe that we ought to separate ourselves from the rank heresy that calls itself Christianity today, and I think we ought to do so as proudly and publicly as possible. God has taught us the gospel, and we are to tell that to everyone so that God will call our brothers and sisters home by that gospel. But by driving for a new Reformation are we saying:

    That the first Reformation got it right? Are we following in their steps?

    Do we reform apostasy or do we call it out? Is this a rescue operation or a declaration of war?

    Can we unite the true gospel believers under a banner of gospel unity? Are we not seeing the same struggle that plagued Corinth? Can we do what the apostles failed to do??

    Is this a godly goal? Ought we to be striving for this reformation and unity or is there another way we should go about this?

    I know that is alot to ask, but I hear this idea come up often. I want your take on it guys, and give me your best.

    May God be the Judge

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