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Thread: In Which Aspect of Theology has the ‘Church’ Failed Most?

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    In Which Aspect of Theology has the ‘Church’ Failed Most?

    In the now deceased R.C. (Robert Charles) Sproul’s book Everyone’s A Theologian, chapter 2 on the Scope and Purpose of Theology, he emphasizes the importance of integrating Systematic Theology, Biblical Theology (Old and New Testament), and Historical Theology to correctly understand the comprehensive teachings of the biblical gospel. I do not wish to challenge the accuracy of this teaching, instead, I want to probe deeper. If it is true that deficiency in any one of these 3 primary aspects of theology results in a certain distortion of the other aspects, in which aspect have we been lied to most by the traditional ‘church’?

    The core doctrines of God, the Trinity, Soteriology, the Scriptures, the Final Coming of Christ to Reconcile All Things, and the critical importance of the Ekklesia continuing throughout all history until the end have been affirmed by a significant number of Reformation teachers for centuries--and will continue to be affirmed. However, my assertion is that Historical Theology is where traditional ‘church’ has failed us the most and failed us horribly. Historical revisionism is the worst and most unrepentant sin of Protestant, Nonconformist, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox theologians.

    I will soon post a list of a lot of major populist doctrines that we have been lied to about century after century. A lot of these are issues I’ve been writing about for a long time. Now, I’m trying to bring together the many parts into an integrated whole of stating where Historical Theology has tragically failed us and most importantly, failed to honor and respect the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

    I would appreciate any insights that anyone has on this. As a starting point, I will cite one of my most respected teachers of history, Dr. John Gill, as nonetheless among the strongest of historical revisionists in his book “The Cause of God and Truth”. Any comments on where Gill (and, of course, hundreds of others) have fallen short in this regard are very welcome.

    Bro. Bob
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