Many teachers of hypo-Calvinism and low-grace predestination today promote Andrew Fuller as some great light in the advance of the Reformation. The following links to articles of Dr. George Ella clearly debunk this false promotion of Fuller by men such as Ian Murray ("Spurgeon and Hyper-Calvinism), Phil Johnson (a proponent of Murray's view), Tom Nettles, and a host of other teachers today who denigrate Grace doctrine into a carnival freak show (church services and pulpit included) of autonomous free-will and duty faith.

I prefer Ella's critique of the errors of duty faith as more accurate than that of many Primitive Baptists. Though the non-elect have no duty or ability to believe the gospel, they will still be judged and condemned for laughing at it as nonsense.

Andrew fuller denied substitutionary atonement, Definite atonement, and agreed with the Arminian scholar Hugo Grotius on governmental atonement (which is largely Socinian), that the atonement proves that God is fair and applies universally but is not substitution of God's wrath executed on Christ in place of the elect sinner. To promote Fuller as a great teacher who made a big jump in Reformation teaching is the worst lying bull snort imaginable.

From Ella: The Scriptures clearly state that Christ and his disciples commanded their hearers to repent and believe the Gospel otherwise they would perish. Paul, too, commanded his hearers to repent and warned them of the consequences awaiting them if they did not. There is, however, a difference in commanding an action, which, if disobeyed, will bring damnation and if obeyed salvation and inviting men to perform an action which all are fully capable of doing. The former case is in keeping with the Scriptural teaching that the bondservants are separated from the true sons by responding or not responding to the Father’s voice. Christ’s sheep hear his voice and respond, the others do not. The second puts all on the same level. Sons and bondservants, sheep and goats, have all been given the same duties to perform to their Heavenly Father. This is indeed Fuller's teaching in The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation.