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Thread: By Nature Children of Wrath as others !

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    although I've run into folks that believe in justification at the cross - but deny the eternal aspect of it. It seems contradictory to me.
    Right that's inconsistent, I mean its still Justification before you are born.

    A couple guys, Ken Wimer and David Simpson, they even went so far as to say that justification at the cross is truth, but justification from eternity is false doctrine.
    Yeah I know of those guys. Bill Parker use to be against it, but now I think he accepts it.

    Amongst some in the free grace camp, those that deny justification from eternity tend to make a huge deal about the level of tolerance that is acceptable. They primarily see salvation PRIMARILY (like a free willer or typical low grace calvinist) in conversion and that leads them to treat the their gospel like it's a life or death situation, instead of resting in the sovereignty of God. Example, they make it their mission to "defend the gospel" as they know it, acting almost scared that someone would think differently from them - scared to death that wiley characters like me might lead folks astray with my supposed tolerance for free willers. And these are people that claim to be "supralapsarian" - yet they reject justification from eternity. They reject the doctrine because they have a different worldview - a different mindset, and at worst, have erected for themselves a mutable god, swayed by the events of history. At best, they are just blissfully inconsistent.
    I hear yea ! I have come to believe that EJ is a essential gospel doctrine, because it highlights the Cross !

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    Yes, I just saw Bill Parker a couple weeks ago here in Ashland. He is indeed on board with Justification from Eternity. I remember when he wasn't there and remember praying for him and the church in Albany after hearing that nonsense from Wimer and Simpson. It's been a real blessing to see him and the church here in Ashland and there in Albany convinced of the truth, and not swayed by the weird objections of the JFE opponents.
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