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Thread: Calvin's Deathbed Confession

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    Calvin's Deathbed Confession

    I have been studying Calvin and his history a lot lately. There is much debate on how sound he was both in teaching and in life. I just want to post this wonderful treasure of what he stated on his deathbed as he was wasting away with cancer:

    I render thanks to God, not only because he has had compassion on me, his poor creature, to draw me out of the abyss of idolatry in which I was plunged, in order to bring me to the light of his gospel and make me a partaker of the doctrine of salvation, of which I was altogether unworthy,
    and continuing his mercy he has supported me amid so many sins and shortcomings, which were such that I well deserved to be rejected by him a hundred thousand times – but what is more, he has so far extended his mercy towards me as to make use of me and of my labour, to convey and announce the truth of his gospel; protesting that it is my wish to live and die in this faith which he has bestowed on me, having no other hope nor refuge except in his gratuitous adoption, upon which all my salvation is founded; embracing the grace which he has given me in our Lord Jesus Christ, and accepting the merits of his death and passion, in order that by this means all my sins may be buried; and praying him so to wash and cleanse me by the blood of this great Redeemer, which has been shed for us poor sinners, that I may appear before his face, bearing as it were, his image.

    How can this be the confession of a pretender or unconverted man?

    Bro. Bob
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    Amen Bob. I'm so tired of people judging the saints of the past by some of their earlier statements. We were all free-willers at one point, weren't we?

    The modern day heresy hunters on Facebook routinely roast Luther and Calvin because it makes them feel better about themselves and their sad lives. Honestly, I think they gain assurance by pulling others down in order to boost themselves up.
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