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Christ Made Sin - Published on February 13, 2020
...There is a really good paper written by Lance Hellar that delves into the doctrine of Christ being made sin and what it means.  I have included it in the books section.  But you can also download it here.    - Brandan Click here to Download...
Lance Hellar
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The Impeccability of Christ - Published on February 13, 2020
...    We are living in a world of sin, and the fearful havoc it has wrought is evident on every side. How refreshing, then, to fix our gaze upon One who is immaculately holy, and who passed through this scene unspoilt by its evil. Such was the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God incarnate. For thirty-three years He was in immediate contact with sin, yet He was never, to the slightest degree, contaminated. He touched the leper, yet was not defiled, even ceremonially. Just as the rays of the...
Arthur W. Pink
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The Doctrine of Predetermination - Published on February 11, 2020
...    When I consider the absolute independency of God, and the necessary total dependence of all created things on Him, their first Cause, I cannot help standing astonished at the pride of impotent, degenerate man, who is so prone to consider himself as a being possessed of sovereign freedom, and invested with a power of self-salvation, able, he imagines, to counteract the designs even of infinite wisdom and to defeat the agency of Omnipotence itself. "Ye shall be as gods," sa...
Augustus Toplady
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Don’t Chew on the Briars - Published on February 8, 2020
...    There is not a preacher – living or dead – with whom you cannot find fault, either in what he says, what he writes, or what he does. Perfection is only found in our Lord. “I find no fault in HIM.” His ambassadors, however, are human and not only subject to mistakes, but prone to error, except they are kept, led, and taught by the Holy Spirit.     Let us be patient with one another, pray for one another, and look for the good and not the bad...
Henry Mahan
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Infralapsarianism : The Man Created for the Woman - Published on February 7, 2020
..."For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man". 1 Cor. 11:8-9     In infralapsarianism, the man (Christ) is created for the woman (church); not woman for the man.     One of the problems with infralapsarianism is that the Man (Christ) is made for the Woman (Church) and not visa versa (as it is in the Bible) and that only in light of the woman's failure to live by her wo...
Renat Ilyasov
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Antinomianism - Published on February 7, 2020
...    Now don’t we see the same things oftentimes among the very Preachers, Pharisees and Professors? The Gospel converts them not, but angers them, as God said he would deal with the Jews by the Gospel. They know they must be emptied, ashamed, and most of what they have said and written and made a stir about, must go down, one time or another, if the Gospel be true; and this goes against the grain of flesh and blood. And as it was among the Jews, what they had been used to in Reli...
Joseph Hussey
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Our Beliefs : Hawaii Island Reformation Fellowship - Published on February 5, 2020
...    Our Hawaii Reformation Fellowship has been entrusted with the delightful duty to proclaim, promote and preserve the truth of God. What is our creed; what, in short, are our beliefs? The Five Solas of the Reformation: Scripture alone. We do not bow to the writings of men to guide us in doctrine and practice. We cannot wholeheartedly support in letter every detail of many old confessions of faith written by well-meaning but sinful men. There are no church denomi...
Without One Plea - Published on February 4, 2020
...    A friend reminded me of a line in an old gospel song: "Just as I am, without one plea, but that thy blood was shed for me..."     Without one plea...      Another great gospel song says, "nothing in my hands I bring, simply to thy cross I cling."     Nothing in my hands I bring...     When we throw ourselves at the mercy of the judge in our present court system, we still try to justify ourselves.  &qu...
Bobby Capps
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Good News for Pilgrims! - Published on February 4, 2020
...    Here is good news for weary, heavy-hearted pilgrims from our homeland in Heaven. Do you have heartaches and troubles too numerous to count? It will do you good to receive some good news from home.      The Lord our God is still on His throne.      Our Savior is still in Heaven, preparing a place for you, representing you, interceding for you.     There are many in Heaven just like you and me already. There is . . .   a fallen...
Don Fortner
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In Him is No Sin - Published on February 2, 2020
...1 John 3:5     The Lord Jesus Christ was manifested to take away our sins and in Christ there is no sin. Though he was made sin for us, our Lord had no sin of his own. — “Who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth.” — “Who is holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners.” In order for him to be a suitable sacrifice for sin, it was necessary that our Savior be without sin. The sinner’s Substitute must himself be innocent, righte...
Don Fortner
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May We Be Patient, Long-Suffering, and Charitable - Published on February 1, 2020
...And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses. But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses. - Mark 11:25-26     Professing Christians often lose site of this! All of us are going to fail and make mistakes many of us are going to be in different areas of learning and at times be offensive to each other. But one thing is sure, the true lov...
Mikal Smith
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In One Breath - Published on January 27, 2020
...    Speak  no  peace where there is no peace,  and preach the gospel of Christ.  While we sometimes  may think  these  two  things are separate,  one from the other…..Behold, they are in unity as one! To  proclaim the truth of God from His word being both in the same breath. Speaking  not falsely of God, preaching Christ the righteousness of God, proclaiming the truth of all God’s words unto all creatures without compr...
Tim Pannell
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Repenting and Believing Depend Upon Salvation - Published on January 26, 2020
...    FAITHFUL sayings ought to be faithfully delivered; and if those who profess to be the servants of God would faithfully deliver this saying, "that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners," we should hear no more about His offering them salvation, or proposing salvation or putting them into a salvable state, and the like Popish nonsense.  He "came to save sinners."  Did He fulfil his errand - or did He not?  Did He fail ...
Joseph Irons
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Explanation of the Trinity - Published on January 25, 2020
...    I have always sought to express the three persons as follows. God has a single mind in the sense that one body of knowledge is known by God. That body of knowledge includes all true propositions, God's knowledge of them is the source of their veracity. However, there are three distinct views of that knowledge amongst the Godhead. This is a result of the activity of God. Ex. All of the members know the details of the cross, but only one of them knows it as 'i went to th...
The Flesh - Published on January 25, 2020
..."That which is born of the flesh is flesh." - John 3:6     There is no promise made that in this life, we shall be set free from the indwelling and the in-working of sin. Many think that their flesh is to become "progressively holier and holier"—that sin after sin is to be removed gradually out of the heart—until at last they are almost made perfect in the flesh. But this is an idle dream, and one which, sooner or later will be crudely and roughly bro...
J.C. Philpot
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Because I Believed - Published on January 21, 2020
...    Unless you believe the Gospel revealed in this book, you aren't a believer in the biblical sense. But they look at believers and there is nothing scarier to religion in this world than a true believer. There is nothing scarier.     Now, they'll all say, "I believe," and they do believe something. They have a natural faith. They believe they belong to Jesus. They believe because they pray. They believe that they produce evidence that that they are but ...
Tim James
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Don’t Look Elsewhere for Peace - Published on January 21, 2020
...    As a believer In Christ never look for peace from friends or within family. True christianity will always cause a division in every area of life. If you are a man or a woman who is the "head" of your house, don't look for peace within your house when the rest of your family are non believers. Don't quarrel or "put" your foot down and demand anything from them. Jesus told Pilot that He could call down a legion of His Father's angels to fight for Him, ...
Gabe Gonzalez
  Article Length: Very Short
What Fellowship Can There Be? - Published on January 18, 2020
...    What fellowship can there be between those who have been made the righteousness of God in Christ by grace and those that Paul describes in another place like his own people that he says they are going about to establish their own righteousness? What kind of fellowship can there be between people who look to the Lord Jesus Christ and call him all their righteousness and those who on the other hand cover themselves, dress themselves in the filthy rags of their own self righteousness?...
Gary Shepard
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Social Media Boasting - Published on January 18, 2020
...    Dear Pristine Grace Community,     On the Pristine Grace website there is a disclaimer at the bottom of the page: "Disclaimer: Inclusion of an author or speaker on this website does not constitute an endorsement of everything stated by said person."     I have been accused of being a compromiser, my family has been defriended, and blocked on Facebook by someone because I mentioned I enjoyed reading Calvin's commentaries. I didn't say I ag...
Brandan Kraft
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What I Need to Hear - Published on January 17, 2020
...   When I attend corporate worship, I need to hear the Gospel. I need to know that His grace is still sufficient, even in the face of my total insufficiency. I need to hear about the victory procured for me on Calvary's tree. My sin-stained soul needs the solace and contentment of knowing that the blood He shed will always be sufficient for a sinner such as I. As long as I live, I will be a sinner in word, thought, and deed. I may exchange certain sinful tendencies for other sinful...
Jason Boothe
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