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Freedom in Christ's Son - Published on July 10, 2004
..."If the Son make you free, ye shall be free indeed."- John 8:36      What is this freedom? Sometimes God is pleased to grant a manifestation of pardon at once, but oftener gradually. The first token of freedom is, to feel that we are in bondage, that we are sinners; for though all men are alike sinners in the sight of God, all are not blessed with freedom to know it, and to cry out for mercy in consequence thereof. We never cry for mercy, feelingly so, till we enjoy a little of this freedom. Then we pant for the water of life, and at last we are enabled to rejoice in a precious Redeemer.      The Son makes us free, and not ourselves. Suppose we were in debt and had naught to pay the debt, and a kind friend was to come and pay it for us, we shou...
William Gadsby
Why Did Christ Die? - Published on July 10, 2004
...According to some people, Christ died to give all a chance of being saved! I do not know that I hate anything more in my soul than to hear that. It makes Jesus Christ so little-that He should do so much, and after all only to get us a chance of being saved. Why, if a man is set up in business, you see how often it happens that he fails in it; and if man cannot manage the paltry things of time and sense without being insolvent, what will he do with eternal realities? And if you come a little closer, when God "made man upright" and he had no sinful nature, what did he do with his innocence? He lost it all! And yet poor presumptuous man has the vanity to think you and I could manage the chance of being saved. What an insult it is to the Lord Jesus Christ to fix the eternal honor of God upon c...
William Gadsby
A Righteousness In Which Jehovah Himself Cannot Find A Flaw - Published on July 10, 2004
...We must have a righteousness in which Jehovah Himself cannot find a flaw, a righteousness which Jehovah cannot mend, a righteousness which neither sin nor Satan can mar; and unless we have on a righteousness of this nature, we can never enter into the blessedness of the world to come. Where, then, are we to find it? Eternal praises to the matchless mercy of a covenant God, we have it in the blessed Person, glorious work, and spotless obedience of the Lord Jesus Christ! And, therefore, as it was essential for Him to fulfill all righteousness for His people, He loved the Lord His God with all His heart, with all His mind, and with all His strength. He began at the beginning, and went through holily, righteously, and steadily every step of the law of God and all in justice and righteousness....
William Gadsby
A Sinner Becomes a Saint : William Huntington's Conversion Story - Published on July 10, 2004
...One evening, Huntington was sitting by the fireside reading his Bible when he came across the words, "At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you," John 14:20. These words were at first incomprehensible to Huntington as he had not experienced being 'in Christ' and being thus a new creature. "There must be some secret between Christ and those whom He will save, that I am ignorant of," he exclaimed. As he thought on these things all his sins paraded themselves before him and all his false hope disappeared in a twinkling. Great conviction came upon him but his first thoughts were of hatred to God for putting him in such a position. He shouted out to his wife in great fear, "Molly, I am undone for ever; I am lost and gone; there...
George Ella
Who Preaches the Gospel? : Romans 1:1 - Published on July 10, 2004
...     We cannot do better, when we look for an example of a gospel preacher, than the Apostle Paul. In Romans 1:1, we see how God the Holy Spirit inspired this remarkable man to describe himself as a preacher of the gospel. In doing so, he also describes all those men who truly preach the gospel of Christ.      "Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ" - That man who truly preaches the gospel, that man who always preaches the gospel, that man who preaches the whole gospel and that exclusively, is A SERVANT OF JESUS CHRIST. Gospel preachers are the willing, voluntary bond-slaves of the Son of God. Notice how Paul describes himself. It is not, Rev. Paul, Dr. Paul, Father Paul, or Pope Paul, but "Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ." This man counted it...
Don Fortner
A Reasonable Gospel - Published on July 8, 2004
..."Come now, and let us reason together saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be like crimson, they shall be as wool" Isaiah 1:18     The gospel is made to be the most reasonable and logical message that God's people have ever heard in their life. The gospel, used by the Spirit of God, is a message that is clear to them, trust worthy, backed with promises from the God who cannot lie, based on unchanging, absolute truth that is used to actually convert the soul. The Spirit convinces the elect of the doctrinal truths of the gospel and the converted sinner now understands and loves the truth and has his assurance of salvation strengthened in this gospel as he lives by faith (Rom 1:17, Heb 6:13-20, II Peter 1:2...
Scott Price
About the Articles on Pristine Grace - Published on July 7, 2004
...     We copy and paste our articles from a wide source of varying websites on the Internet into Pristine Grace.  We do not attempt to violate copyright restrictions, and if there is a copyright placed on the source article, our policy is to make the copyright made known on our version of the article.  We do not doctor or alter the work of the articles we find except to maybe correct minor typos or spelling errors.  Further, we do not necessarily ask permission to copy articles unless the author explicitly states permission is needed.       If you are an author and find your article posted on this website, it is because we really appreciated it in some sense and thought it would benefit our readers.  We do not charge anyone to access...
Brandan Kraft
Do Some Things Happen that are not Predestined? - Published on July 7, 2004
..."In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will (Ephesians 1:11)."      How far the opponents of the doctrine of absolute predestination will go never ceases to amaze those who love the doctrine of Christ.      For instance, there is an idea afoot that says, "God has predestinated some things, of course; but there are some other things which He has not predestinated." There are folks out there in the real world who say there are many events happening all the time which God has not predestinated. To hear them tell it, maybe there are millions of things happening at this very second, even as you read these lines, that God has not ...
C.C. Morris
Welcome to Pristine Grace - Published on July 7, 2004
...     There are several upcoming Free Grace conferences in August through December 2019.   See all upcoming events.      Welcome to the Pristine Grace Website!  We hope you enjoy the discussion forum,  articles, books, and scripture software that has been provided here.  This website has been created to proclaim the truth to God's people.      We are living in an age of self-idolatry and very few people who profess Christ truly understand the Gospel.  Many believe that Jesus died for all men universally and that the difference between those who are saved and not saved is the individual's "free will" decision.        There are others who are ...
Brandan Kraft
Hyper-Calvinism is the Truth! : A Response to Phil Johnson - Published on July 3, 2004
...I wrote this letter to Phil Johnson around 2004 after I created the Pristine Grace  websites. I was in my late 20s when I wrote this. I’m in my mid 40s today and also the parent of a teenager! I’m a different person today, not willing to attack as strongly as I used to. I suppose years of parenting and nurturing a child has softened me. This article / letter was written in response to Phil Johnson (who is the right hand man of the famous dispensational baptist preacher John Macarthur) and who originally listed me on his “bad theologies” website. I wrote my letter in response to that as well as his “Primer on Hyper-Calvinsm” article which you can read on this website. Please note that I don’t care about the term “hyper-calvinism” or “calvinist.” These days I just prefer to be known as a Gospel Believer resting in the Imputed Righteousness of Christ.  - Brandan (Nov 27, 2018)...
Brandan Kraft
Confession of a Hyper-Calvinist - Published on November 3, 2003
...I have a confession to make. I'm a hyper-calvinist. Yes, that's right, I'm one of those people; you know the type that  hates everyone, refuses to preach the Gospel, hates God’s Holy law, breathes fire, and eats nails for breakfast . Anyway, it's not a label I’ve chosen for myself, it’s just that most people in the religious world would label me as such. Usually, there are many negative connotations that are implied in this label and it's not hard to pick up on them in the tones of the voices who slap this label on me. When I jump on Paltalk for a friendly conversation about the Bible and theology, it's a rare occasion when I don't hear a sneering individual boldly claim, "You're a hyper-calvinisssssssssssssssssst!"  ...
Brandan Kraft
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