Pristine Grace

If It Is Too Good To Be True It Probably Is?
by Scott Price
If It Is Too Good To Be True It Probably Is?

   You have probably heard the wise warning which says any sales scheme that sounds too good to be true probably is not true. That is the case the vast majority of the time in those matters. Many of these schemes also may be illegal or unethical. There is a fear of getting ripped off of your hard earned money. The hesitation in these schemes are in relation to them not involving work on your part or being just way too easy to gain such high profit.

    When it comes to the issue of the truth of the gospel, the gospel is a message that most think seems too good to be true so it is rejected as a lie. Why does this happen? Just like in the financial, economic realm they doubt the end result because they see there is no work needed to be done to attain the end result. They have also believed another old saying; "You can't get something for nothing".

    Because mankind is totally depraved from birth he believes that salvation is always conditioned on him, in that he will have to work in some way to merit salvation. This is universally the lie that ALL people automatically believe and are completely convinced of. This lie of conditional salvation is something they cannot be talked out of. It is "the way which seems right to them" (Proverbs 14:12)  because their thoughts are not God's thoughts. 

   God, by the power of His Spirit, uses the only means powerful enough to change the minds of sinners: the gospel of His free grace. This gospel explains out how that grace is absolutely free and unconditional on the part of the sinner. This is further proven by the command to repent from all attempts of trying to please God by our own self righteous deeds and to completely rest and trust in the work of righteousness that Christ alone established to satisfy the holy demands of God. This gospel goes on to show that works cannot even be mixed with grace or compete with grace because it will make grace void. It is free grace alone or no salvation.

   You will always hear the spiritually dead sinner say; "You mean what I do does not count for anything in my salvation?" or  "So all those good things I have been doing all my life do not contribute one bit to me getting to heaven?". They think it is too good to be true that they have to have a hands off policy in salvation and that Christ alone at His expense must pay the price. Salvation is absolutely free. This is the only God, only salvation, only gospel, only grace, that is available in this life. Pride is in the minds of those who reject free grace. Self will and self boasting of law keeping, good works, and religious seniority cloud the mind of the lost sinner. All these things that man has to offer are said to be dung and filthy rags in the scriptures.

  Salvation and grace are ONLY FREE! Too good to be true? God does not lie. Do you believe Him?