Pristine Grace

Would You Rather See a Sermon than Hear One?
by Scott Price
Would You Rather See a Sermon than Hear One?

    Many people have the misconception that they can show others the gospel in their "Christian walk" or by the "testimony of our lives". They go as far as saying they would rather see a sermon any day rather than hear one. This idea exposes the vast cloud of ignorance that spans the religious world. I have heard people talking about "being a good witness" by not cutting your grass on Sunday or by having your neighbor see you carry your Bible under your arm as you go to your car all dressed up in your Sunday best for church. They usually conclude by saying that people ought to be able to see Jesus in you. It has well been said that the world (religious world included) did not even see Jesus in Jesus.

    The idea of seeing a sermon IN a man instead of hearing a gospel sermon FROM a man, is a deceiving idea that breeds self righteousness and compares men with men, which is not a wise thing to do (II Corth 10:12). If it is not that, man will think of other unwise methods to replace God's wise ways. I have even heard people say that gospel is revealed in the stars of the sky. The minute we look away from the gospel of Christ we will only see that which Satan wants us to see.

    What is it to "give a good witness" or "testimony"? It is to give a clear, distinct declaration of the gospel of grace; who Christ is and what He has done to save ungodly sinners by His obedience and accomplished death on the cross. That is the Divinely appointed means that God uses as He draws sinners to Himself. The gospel, Paul said, "Is not after man. For I neither received it of man.." (Galatians 1:11-12),and "We preach not ourselves, but Jesus Christ the Lord.." (II Corth 4:5). David said that "every man at his best state is altogether vanity." (Psalm 39:5). The gospel of grace would be much better than anything that can be seen in me. The gospel is the "power of God unto salvation". Let US not get in it's way.