Pristine Grace

The Santa Clause god
by Andrew Burgess

     This time of year is the time when many celebrate the tradition of Santa Clause. Though minor differences here and there, the general principles of Santa Clause are as follows. There is a very fat, jolly old man that lives in the North Pole. He watches all of the little boys and girls of the world throughout the year to see if they are good little boys and girls or if they are bad little boys and girls. At the end of the year he weighs their good and bad deeds and if they've been good enough then he and his flying reign deer will bring those good little boys and girls a present to their own delight. If they have been bad little boys and girls then he and his reindeer will give those 'not so good' boys  and girls a big fat lump of coal(which never really happens bc nobodies as bad as they can be). 

     Many of you this year will tell your children this lie and will pretend to be the fat old man that visits once a year. But have you ever noticed that this is just like the majority of people's god? How so? You may ask. Well the majority of professing christians in this world believe that jesus died for everyone and that he will reward them or give them a present of salvation if they make the "good" choice for him, but if they make the "bad" choice against him then they will be given the big lump of hell. Do you see the similarity? Both Santa Clause and the jesus of modern day so-called christianity reward and curse, give pleasing and dis-pleasing presents based on the recipients works rather than free un-merited grace. However in real life if Jesus were like Santa and rewarded based on one's good works, then no one would ever receive the gift of salvation because the Bible is clear that, "there is none who does good... not even one."(Rom. 3:12). But thank God that Jesus is not like Santa, for Scripture tells us that He came to, "save His people from their sins"(Matt. 1:21). Praise God!

     So please know this christmas that if your god or jesus is like unto Santa then you are worshiping a god that just like Santa, does not exist.