Pristine Grace

Sovereign Grace Bible Conference
Ashland, Kentucky 1954

     Henry Mahan and Rolfe Barnard organized a Sovereign Grace Bible Conference in 1954. The meeting was held at the Pollard Baptist Church (Southern Baptist), Ashland, Ky. Several preachers were invited to come and minister the gospel with an emphasis on preaching the “doctrines of sovereign grace.”

Those who preached at the conference were:
Rolfe Barnard, Charlotte, NC. (1904-1969).
B.B. Caldwell Greenville, SC. (1899-1976).
George Fletcher, Hampton, Va. (1900-1994).
Clarence Walker, Lexington, Ky. (1890-1968).
A.D. Muse, Louisville, Ky. (1890-1954).

     Many folks were greatly edified by the conference and many sovereign grace believers came from all over the country. The large auditorium of Pollard Church was filled to capacity each service. The following year, 1955, 13th Street Baptist Church was formed, with Henry Mahan as its pastor. Another sovereign grace conference was held that year and every year following for over 40 years.   Henry Mahan pastored 13th Street Baptist Church from 1955 until retirement in 2003 at the age of 77.  That tradition was continued by Preachers of the Gospel Bill Parker and Jim Byrd and is still held every year @ 13th Baptist Church.