Pristine Grace

His Righteousness Speaks for Itself
by Scott Price
His Righteousness Speaks for Itself

    At judgment God's people are not required to speak. They have an advocate or lawyer that will speak for them. Christ represents them in every way so the law does not condemn them. Notice also that the judge, Christ, is also the advocate, has declared that His people are not under the law. He is one with them, bone of their bone, flesh of their flesh. Christ is their all and they are in union with Him. He speaks for them because He loves them and the love of Christ has action behind it. This results from this love is what we base grace on.

    It is blessed good news that this love provided what God's holiness and justice demanded. Love provided this in the perfect work of the Person of Jesus Christ the LORD. The result of that love produced salvation by free grace. We now are not under law but grace. The righteousness He established by His work for the elect actually speaks for itself in it's results. His righteousness demands the justification of His people. Grace reigns through the righteousness of Christ. He is our Righteousness. Isn't it good news that now we are bulletproof in the legal system of God. We have Christ as our Lawyer, our judge, and He declares we are not even under the law. We cannot ever be condemned. This is such good news that we want to freely serve Him.

    So when His people appear before God in judgment they need not say a word. The perfect work of the perfect Person of Christ says it all. The accomplishment of this finished work secured the eternal justification for all His people. Salvation, in every way, is then truly of the LORD. To Him alone be the glory.