Pristine Grace

Where is Predestinarian Network Material?


     We recently integrated,,, and into one website - Pristine Grace.  We also ended the old Predestinarian (P-Net) forum.  It's still available for researching and reading.  But we plan on eliminating it eventually after we've figured out how to archive important discussions and make them available here in our Pristine Grace library.

     All of the old P-Net and select articles are available for reading here on Pristine Grace.  They are under the following authors: Bob Higby, Brandan Kraft, James Johnson, and Nicholas Laurienzo.   Or you can just go to our Exclusive Content page.

     The new forum software is not broken and we welcome you to sign up and start using it!  Thanks for your generous support throughout all the years.  We hope this site will be edifying to you.

     Grace and Peace in The Gospel of Christ,