Pristine Grace

He is Made Unto Us
Part 1
by Scott Price
He is Made Unto Us

"But of Him are you in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption: that according as it is written, He that glorys, let him glory in the Lord." I Corinthians 1:30-31

    Right from the beginning we notice in the text the loud and clear declaration of salvation by sovereign grace. "BUT OF HIM" speaking of the God the Father, are you in Christ. This shows us as many other verses in God's word does that salvation is only and always of the Lord. The word here "but" is used as an argument, showing that what he is about to say is against the way we all think naturally. He states this as if he was saying, "Not of you BUT RATHER of Him". In other words he is proving that you have nothing to take credit for or brag about in reference to being in Christ.

    There are at least three senses in which we are "in Him":

1) We are in Him by sovereign election (Eph 1:4)
2) We are in Him by as He is our Representative in His life and death (Romans 5 and 6)
3) We are in Him by faith

    All three senses of being in Him are of the Lord. Salvation is by grace from start to finish. This is why the scripture says in verse 29 of our text, "That no flesh should glory in His presence."

    Salvation is "not of works lest any man should boast". The same message is hammered on time and time again, that it is ALL of grace and NOT of works. The redundancy is remarkable. This is the case because God is said in the Scriptures to be a jealous God. He is jealous of His own glory and honor which He will never share with another. Any attack on grace is an attack on His glory. Self righteous, works-religion is the most frequent enemy of God in that area. It MUST be exposed by God's people as often as we see it. Never cease to warn those you love of what God will and will not accept. A person can ONLY be accepted in Christ. Of Him (the Father) are we in Christ Jesus. By grace are you saved.