Pristine Grace

He is Made Unto Us
Part 2
by Scott Price
He is Made Unto Us

"But of Him are you in Christ Jesus, Who of God is made unto us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption: that according as it is written, He that glorys, let him glory in the Lord." I Corinthians 1:30-31

    Our last installment focused on the phrase "But of Him are you in Christ" showing us that salvation was a work of the grace of God alone, without works. We need to look further here at yet another phrase that follows which further proves that salvation is a work of grace. Paul, through the inspiration of the Spirit of God adds layers of foundational, redundant arguments concerning the clear fact that salvation is totally out of the hands of any and all sinners. This, we should be very thankful for, both this salvation and the gospel arguments Paul gives, which add to our assurance and peace.

    The next phrase in our text is a striking one that many people read by quickly, often missing the power it contains. The phrase is, "Who of God is made unto us". This phrase sends the message that God the Father is in action effectually making His Son to be made unto His people certain things. There is no magic here involved nor anything make believe here either. This is an action by God the Father that is real, just as it was in the first part of the phrase we looked at in part 1.

    God's people should look at salvation in a completed sense, in that it is real, actual, and not hypothetical, or even potential. When salvation is viewed in an incomplete sense many times it leaves room for sinners to run for a completing work to perform. Salvation is a long process that is done by God alone from start to finish. It is spoken of in Romans 8:30 as starting before the world began, grounded in His love and reaching all the way to after physical death in the glorification of His people. Christ has fulfilled all the conditions necessary to secure and save every sinner that God the Father chose and purposed to save. God does indeed use the means of His gospel to bring them to faith in His Son by the power of the Holy Spirit. This Trinitarian salvation will not and cannot fail.

    So first, we need to see this work of making Christ to be made unto His people something is a work done by God the Father. How is this done and what does it mean? God, in His sovereignty purposed to glorify Himself in the salvation of sinners by Jesus Christ. God in His wisdom elected Christ to be the One to perform this work. The Father, in the Eternal Covenant of Grace, chose His Son to be the Representative and Mediator of the people whom the Father chose in Christ. The idea of the work of representation and Who the glorious Representative was, will give us a clear understanding of the verse at hand.

    "But of Him are you in Christ Jesus, Who of God is made unto us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption...."

    Christ Jesus was, is, and will always be made unto us, by the Father : wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption, in a representative sense. This is the case because God's people are always and only accepted in Christ. Specifically the Father made Christ to be these things for and to us as our Representative. God the Father legally accepts His people because of the Person and work of Jesus Christ as He represented His people, taking on all the responsibility for the conditions needed to bring His people to eternal salvation. Anything the Father requires from us in salvation is fulfilled in His Son as Representative.

    In part 3 we will look at each particular phrase starting with wisdom.