Pristine Grace

by James Guyo

     The modern day church doesn't like doctrine.  Grace does not mean you believe whatever you want and call it truth.   People don't want to be challenged anymore by God's  own truth.  They  don't  want their lies about God to be tested.  They just want to live and die in the warm embrace of a gospel that saves no one.  And that is why  people love  application sermons and not Christ Himself.  

     The death of Christ and our justification is not good news enough and certainly is not practical enough for many until they feel and touch. The church of Jesus is the church because of doctrine.

     There is too much foolishness that is called Christianity that is not it.  Doctrine informs practice in every sphere of life and Christianity is no different.  The gospel informs practice and if you miss justification your practice is going to be off, zeal without knowledge.  

     People are too much into drive by messages-they do not want to sit in.  They want microwave theology, popcorn theology,  cotton candy theology, that is, things that cook quickly with minimal effort. 

     All churches that teach foolish cotton candy stuff are always full of People.  And that is why someone can defend heretics like TD Jakes and his ilk and call them "men of God"". 

     Doctrine is a lot of hard work because Jesus is not just meek and mild.  He is God and it takes regeneration and sound doctrine to know Him. 

     The church holds to a very microwavable Jesus-a desperate and vulnerable Jesus. A Jesus who still has a pacifier in His mouth and sleeping in a stroller. The Jesus who comes in box like chicken nuggets.  The Jesus that is already digested like mashed potatoes.  

     And no wonder why people lack assurance of salvation.  And no wonder why people remain babes even after coming to Christ for ages. 

     We are called  to know Jesus,  because that is eternal life.  There is an excellence to knowing Christ.  There is no excellence in knowing you or me. We are nothing.  Learn doctrine,  and ask God to teach you and He answers such prayers.  Amen!