Pristine Grace

A Lot to Argue About
by James Guyo
A Lot to Argue About

     There is a lot of stuff to argue about in the bible.

     But in all that if you miss how God makes a sinner righteous, you have missed the whole point-you surely labor in vain and you may still be in your sins and that means condemned.

     And I content as the scriptures do clearly and repeatedly that salvation is of the Lord and that means the righteousness that God requires to declare a sinner as righteous and accepted is THE FREELY IMPUTED RIGHTEOUSNESS OF CHRIST ALONE.

     To have righteousness FREELY IMPUTED means God regards a sinner as holy and righteous on account of the shed blood of Christ alone and not anything good they perceive themselves to have done or has been done to them by some other men at their church.

     There are some people who think are saved because their so called "Man of God" dunked then in water. That is deception. There is no righteousness that comes from water. Righteousness comes only from the blood of Christ. 

     To freely impute is to freely account an undeserving sinner as righteous on account of another, who is Christ Jesus.

     To freely impute means grace alone.

     To freely impute means Christ alone is the cause and condition of salvation. 

     Many claim to be righteous by the cross whose confidence is still in the performance of their flesh.

     They talk the exodus from Egypt by the blood of the Lamb and yet their mind and comfort is still in their slavery of Egypt and that to say they want to continue under Pharaoh churning out bricks without the straw. 

     They talk Mt Calvary when their other foot is on Mt Sinai.

     So, they talk more about themselves-how many quotas of bricks they are making and say how they are not like other men.

     We surely have heard that before from the mouth of the Lord Jesus and we know it did not go well for that man who spoke of himself.

     I have said that to say, be a decent person as much as God has given you ability, but do not think that is salvation.

     There are many nice and decent men and women who are headed to hell as I write. 

     Salvation happens when even the best of decent men and women come and say, "woe is me, I am undone" or with Paul who said, "O, wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me from the body of this death?"

     And the answer to that is thank God for Jesus Christ, because there is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ, because Christ has fulfilled in His body the righteous requirement of the Law. 

     Question: Do you feel undone? Do you feel that you are a wretched man or woman? If not, God is yet to make a visitation upon you. 

     This is free!