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A False Gospel in Sovereign Grace Gab
by James Guyo
A False Gospel in Sovereign Grace Gab

     If God choose children because their parents are Christians, what  is the reason why some of the same children so "called chosen" end up being God haters and dying in their sin?

     This theological system is really, really bad, wacky! It is so bad, I don't know how anyone who profess Sovereign grace with their mouth would believe that.

     Let me tell you what I think for the 2 pennies that it is worth.

     This is foolish and false theological reasoning.

     The New Testament has expounded that election is based on the individual-read Romans 9.

     IN Romans Esau is despised of God even though his father and grandfather were loved of God. Esau belonged to the family that had the promises of Christ in Abraham and yet no salvation for Esau. That is some clear teaching there. 

     GOD'S ELECTION is not based on the "anchor baby immigration" system into heaven. God does not do no anchor baby stuff in salvation.

     For God to automatically grant salvation to children because of their parents and then later withdraw it from them is to say He is the respecter of persons and cannot be trusted. A doubled minded god is no God at all. 

     Not only that, that thinking implies that the gifts of God are revocable which things we are NOT TRUE. The gifts and calling of God are without repentance/irrevocable.

     Also, if God grants salvation and then later removes it because of their sin or rejection of Him it would imply salvation was never of grace alone, but of something that the sinner does. And this is Arminianism in disguise, false gospel in sovereign grace gab.

     If your children have salvation when they are little but then later lose it, it stands to be true that you also will lose your salvation. Are you not someone's child? 

     The more I type the more I despise that system of Theology.

     It is just plain false and is giving a lot of people false hope about their children.

     I have seen plenty people who grew up under the discipline of church who when they first got their chance to leave the faith left at 200MPH and do not want anything to do with Christ.

     I said all that to say, thank God for His grace if your children are Christians. It surely was not of anything done by you.

     It still is Sovereign grace election, individual election, not of him who runs or shows effort but of God who shows mercy.

     This is free and I am just telling the truth. You may kick and scream if your want, but the Lord does not care for the traditions of men that make His word of none effect.

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