Pristine Grace

Burning Bridges
Part 2
by Scott Price
Burning Bridges    Are we dogmatic about the gospel or are we in doubt? Are we hot, cold, or lukewarm? Are we sure about the truth and have burned our bridges with false religion or do we want to "cover all the bases" by "leaving our options opened"?

    Consider the following excerpt from a letter, one of many, I wrote to this person who believed in a universal atonement:

"The Christ I love is the One you hate. The christ you love is the one I hate. We do not have two different views of the same God, I have a different God than you. He is precious to me and you despise Him. The christ that died for all and most are in Hell, I despise. As a matter of fact I spit on his grave because that is where a failed christ would still be (Romans 4:25). The bridges of false religion in my life have been burned down and cannot or will not be rebuilt. It would be like going back into the burning building I just came out of. "

    Something written like this is a very serious matter and should be well thought out not just to write it but to believe it. Let's focus on the believing of it. Have you come to a conclusion that the death that Christ death was effectual and that the merits of His death are the ONLY thing we should glory in? If you have not, then what are you glorying in? Is your trust and focus on Christ and His righteousness or on yourself? Is your trust and focus on something you think the Spirit has done in you or is it on the Person and work of Christ?

    The letter goes on:

"....You need to repent of your self righteousness. What is the main evidence of your self righteousness? It has been coming from your lips (by means of your keyboard) and has been saying the death of Christ is not what does the saving but something the sinner does to add to that death to make it effectual. This is you saying there is some OTHER way to appease the wrath of God BESIDE the work of Christ. That is works for salvation, clear as day, right out in the open!"

    Do we hold doctrinally to something because we REALLY believe it or are we just in a mere system or group of people who thinks our doctrine is classic, creedal, and ancient that has taken us special effort to come to. If we would be proven wrong in our theology and doctrine would we even admit it? Are we honest enough to have our faith questioned, challenged, and put on the line for the whole world to see? Will we stand beside others who believe like us or will we shrink down when these truths are brought out into the open and challenged?

    We are in a spiritual war and the front lines are EVERYWHERE. As serious spiritual soldiers we must not fear man. Most of all we must come clean with ourselves and be honest with those in our church and those outside the church who hear what we believe concerning what we REALLY believe verses what we might just be running our mouth about. These issues are life and death not a religious game we are playing. Do you believe what you say or are you just repeating what someone else is saying because it sounds different or neat? It is time to get off of the fence and pick a certain side, then double check to see why you are there. This is serious. Are you building or burning bridges with false religion.