Pristine Grace

Shedding Your Skin Won't Make You Clean
by James Guyo
Shedding Your Skin Won't Make You Clean

     Snakes shed skin. But do not think the venom is gone because of the shedding. They remain venomous.

     So then, do not think that one is righteous before God because they have improved morally.

     Stopping doing this and that is just a mere shedding of the skin. The sin and sinner still remains in them ..

     Be careful then of just white washing your own little tomb or washing the outside of the cup, inside it may still be full of dead man's bones and all uncleanness.

     What is the solution? The Lord has to clean you from within by giving you the Holy Spirit. He has to justify you by His blood. That is the only way to be made clean.

     And this is free!