Pristine Grace

Burning Bridges
Part 3
by Scott Price
Burning Bridges

"And it came to pass at noon, that Elijah mocked them, and said Cry aloud: for he is a god; either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is in a journey, or peradventure he sleepeth, and must be awaked." I Kings 18:27

    It is the duty of those who preach, defend, and promote the gospel to expose false prophets, false gospels, and false gods. God's glory and His character is at stake. The truth must be upheld and defended. It is not enough just to declare truth but lies must be exposed. Many professional preachers compromise when it comes to these issues because they must keep the money coming in. If they offend with the truth they fear financial ruin. The ecumenical movement is fueled by this compromise along with the spirit of antichrist.

    The prophet Elijah was not worried about compromise. He felt it was his duty to go as far as mocking the false god of Baal. He was not worried about his peers, prestige, or fame. He knew the only true and living God Almighty. He believed God and trusted Him. He had complete confidence in the success of God's work. Elijah also knew that the god of the false prophets was a failure who could not get the job done.

    The god of today that is preached about at 99% of churches is a miserable failure also. False prophets talk of a god who loves everybody without exception but lets the majority of them go to Hell. They talk of a "christ" who died for all without exception and the majority in up in Hell. They talk of a spirit that wants to save everybody but just cannot seem to convince most and the majority end up in Hell. This god spoken of today that fits this description is a god of people's imagination. It certainly is not the God of the scriptures. This means people are committing idolatry by forming a god in their mind that does not match the God of the Bible.

    The false god of today's religion must be mocked as often as he is mentioned by false prophets. Pray for the deceived people but mock their god. A false god deserves no respect at all. Give people the truth of the gospel, how that Christ came and established a perfect righteousness by His obedience and death in satisfying the demands of God's holy law and unbending justice. Upon the ground of that righteousness established and imputed to God's people He can be both a just God and a Saviour. He is just when He justifies. All that God the Father chose will come to Him through the God-man Mediator, Christ Jesus the LORD. The Holy Spirit works mightily in the elect and gives them spiritual life to believe on Christ for their salvation. Not one for whom Christ died will be in Hell because He successfully put away their sin forever by His person and work. This God will ALWAYS accomplish His purpose and He is the only God available that can save at all. Worship Him or perish.