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Burning Bridges
Part 4
by Scott Price
Burning Bridges

        When the elect turn from idols to serve the Living God they repent from and forsake their false religion. They are not interested in their old religious seniority. Like Paul, they agree that they count all those false things loss and dung (Phil 3:8-9) so he may have Christ and His righteousness instead. A vivid testimony to the church and the world that you have repented of your old religion of self justification is shown in the believer's baptism. Baptism pictures many things, mainly the death, burial, resurrection of Christ. One other thing it shows is the believer is dying to his old religion, and self righteous ways. He is burning his bridges with his old religion when he is baptized. He plunges under and raises up out of the water to symbolize his state has changed because of the work of Christ for him and now the believer, because of the work of the Spirit in him, walks in the way of truth and a life of faith. Baptism is a clear sign that you put no more confidence in the flesh or your former religion but now identify with Christ and the local body of true gospel believers. BURN THAT BRIDGE!