Pristine Grace

Imputed Righteousness
Ground of All True Comfort
by John Pedersen
Imputed Righteousness

Now, to this place I have come,
Through the living, joys and tears,
This the end, the living 's done,
Now the time for dying 's here.

Would I could now take the book,
Sin and shame all written down,
Remove the days where I forsook
Truth, and wisdom, Christ disowned!

But being able, this to do,
What days could then be found for me?
Not one! And so, I look to You,
Your cross and righteousness, to see,

And know, by these You view my life,
All of which I am ashamed,
As righteous, holy, in Your sight,
No fault is found; no sin is named.

“…God, Who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did.” - Romans 4:17