Pristine Grace

Professed Gracers
by James Guyo
Professed Gracers

    There are already very few Sovereign grace preachers and believers.

    I therefore distaste seemingly "professed gracers" who are always in fighting mode to the extent that they are willing to devour their own brethren just to prove that they know a few things, which in most cases they don't.

    The more they speak the more they reveal their emptiness of things regarding Christ. 

    If you disagree with me or anyone, go to the text of scripture and prove your arguments from there.

    It is more helpful to those who come and read and it honors the Lord, because you will be a faithful workman who is rightly dividing the word-and surely that is a noble goal.

    There are some people that I know who claim to be sovereign grace brothers who have never written or spoken on Christ to give light and edification to anyone.

    But that is not the problem if that was just it. Because not all are called to it.

    But the kind in view are boisterous and cheeky whenever they feel that their sovereignty is breached by someone with better understanding than themselves.

    They try to limit others by imposing their own limitations in understanding of the mystery of Christ, which is great and unfathomable.

    Some are educated above their ability to think and forget that it is the Holy Spirit who gives understanding because the flesh profits nothing. 

    You never read anything from them that you will come out saying I am encouraged by the truth, thank you Jesus.

    Yes, I had never seen that illumination of that text like that, it is wonderful. No, not at all. 

    They are just masters of spewing vitriol and bigotry and attacking anyone who does not bend to them even when they are clearly wrong.

    Their much professed light is actually darkness. 

    That is very unfortunate and sad to me and that is why God has not called them to Shepherd anyone in the truth because they want to accomplish by their flesh what God alone accomplishes by His Spirit.

    The house of God is not on fire. He is on the throne and totally in control.

    All His people are already guaranteed of salvation, so hold your horses.

    Christ established and secured it.

    My noise does not cause salvation neither does that of anyone.

    It was His tears and loud cries alone that brought about my salvation.

    I am just a worthless slave who has been conscripted into the labor of His field.

    And everyone who names Christ should be reminded of their unworthiness in this regard. 

    As long as one does not have nail scarred hands and feet they are not important. They are disposable just like everything esle.

    CHRIST alone is important and indispensable. 

    I will not be fellowshipping with people who glory in their shame.

    And when I block I don't ever unblock and that means if you are saved we will meet after the resurrection.

    And that is a free Gazebo post and make it a good day, because Jesus does not need you, me or anyone.

    He is complete in Himself and is already seated and glorified because He alone is Worthy.