Pristine Grace

The Call to the Rembrance of Grace
by Justin S. Martinez
The Call to the Rembrance of Grace

Though I am alone, I am not alone,
because The Great I Am is the only.
Since that He is, being God alone, 
I know no reasons to be lonely. 

Though He hide His face behind dark clouds,
In storms so seemingly foreboding,
It's by His grace and mercy, and righteous blood shining forth,
The sinner sees his Savior's glory.

He says to me, my son, Listen, Listen to my Word,
Revere my name and in wisdom I will show thee,
That I am the Lord thy God, I change not,
I will teach you how I have chose thee.

Shapen in iniquity, a transgressor from the womb,
Amongst the sons of men, a sinner most unholy,
Vile and wretched, sick and depraved,
As your idols you were dead and not knowing. 

Oh Jacob thou worm, my scarlet worm, 
How great it is that you should know Me. 
For I, the Lord, have called you from birth,
Yes, I alone am the only God that knows thee. 

Behold, my son, Behold My Son! 
For it is He to you that the I Am is showing,
The only begotten, the Lord Jesus Christ, 
He has confirmed the I am is Holy. 

For He knew no sin, but bore the sins of his sheep.
A Shepard leading the flock, forward yonder must he be going. 
Till the Spotless Lamb be offered, and by the shedding of His blood, the High Priest made an atoning. 

My son, listen. Hearken yet the more, 
For it's by My Name that I wish to show thee,
That I am the Lord, I change not,
And I am with the meek and the lowly.

My burdens, they are easy, and my yoke, it is light.
Put down the plow of those works you are sowing!
For I will take my words and I will till your heart,
A plant them in my garden for growing. 

To Me, is the praise, I am Jealous,
And to no other will I give My Glory.
But to those I have given, to be sons of God,
They will be present in the day of my joying.

But do you remember? Is your memory lacking?
Have you forgotten the purpose of this story?
I the Lord, the Lord Jesus Christ, will remind you of our journey.

You were as a flower, ensnared by the thorns of death, until I plucked you forth and rose thee.
I am the God of the Living and not the dead,
By me the Fountain of Life is flowing. 

You were as a leper, cast out of my sight,
But by word was the Spirit revealed,
That I am merciful and just, full of grace and truth,
I put forth my hand and touched you to be healed. 

You were a harlot, caught in your sin,
Brought and accused by evil men of zeal,
But I, The Rock, I cast no stone,
And it was you alone who were not condemned.  

Binding your strong man, you being a slave from birth, your shackles of sin were all too real.
A temple made without hands, zealous for my house, it was My Spirit that plundered and killed.

I am The Way, The Truth, The Life. Believing on Me and who I am is to do the Father's will.
No one knows Him except for the Son,
And He to whom it is revealed. 

I need no counsel, my Word stands true,
Come, drink the waters of my fountain.
I am the Lord God in Heaven, I live forever,
And I will place you onto my mountain.