Pristine Grace

Get Your Sanity Back
by James Guyo
Get Your Sanity Back

     Two fundamental doctrines that will bring sanity back:

     1. When you feel like everything is coming unglued and are "losing" control, go back to God's absolute sovereignty.

     Remember, if it is happening God has ordained it, is empowering it and if you are in Christ, all things will work out for your good because you are called according to His purpose.

     2. When you have been put on the treadmill of works by yourself or by others and you are working so hard trying to get assurance of salvation or your standing before God, go back to the truth that salvation is by grace alone.

     Justification by grace alone through faith alone is just too important a doctrine to be put on the back burner if you are going to live your life in freedom and joy, knowing that your salvation is so secure that not even you can mess it up.

     We love the treadmill by nature if it would commend us before God. And one can start on grace and end up trying to finish salvation or seek being perfected by the flesh. Remember, the Galatians?

     God's absolute sovereignty and unconditional justification (free justification) are bedrock doctrines for sanity and assurance. 

     And this is a free teaching from us in the Gazebo!