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High and Lofty Thoughts
by Laurie Bernardini
High and Lofty Thoughts

    The road to hell is paved with good works, and high and lofty thoughts about one's own self. Many people deem themselves good enough before God because they are not a rolling in the gutter drunk, or a drug addict. They aren't immoral {in their eyes}, they work hard and have a comfortable living. Their world is rosy, a smooth and easy path. They teach their kids to pursue a good education and comfortable living thereafter, but they fail to tell them how wicked they are before God.

    They deem themselves blessed by God because of their good fortune,  because they have never killed anyone, aren't into prostitution, wouldn't dare think of using illegal drugs, but have no issues with the legal drugs that are just as dangerous {like psychotropic drugs, pain killers, anti-depressants which actually bring on depression}.

    Then there are  the ones who think they can keep God's law, or perform other works like infant baptism, or baptism of any age, make decisions, etc. to help get saved or stay saved. ALL these things are self righteous works and they save no one. NO sinner will ever enter God's holy kingdom based on anything they do, or on their earthly status. Everyone who thinks or does all the aforementioned have no idea how vile God sees them and their works. There is nothing anyone can do to be acceptable before a God who is absolutely pure, undefiled, separate, and 'other' than His creation. It is this ignorance of the God of the bible that leads to sinners thinking God will accept them on behalf of their works. The only way to be declared in right standing before God is to be clothed in the righteousness of the Son of God , it is HIS WORK that legally justifies sinners.

    Look at the prayers of two sinners in Luke's Gospel, the Pharisee prayed and talked about how GOOD he was, he wasn't like any of the lowlifes around him. Then the tax collector prayed, beating his chest, crying out in utter HOPELESSNESS, ' O God be merciful to me , the sinner!'. That is the true 'sinner's prayer'! May God give sinners ears to hear.