Pristine Grace

God’s Love and Care
by James Guyo
God’s Love and Care

    The temperature is coming down as Fall weather  is on us and winter is right round the corner.

    So, my wife and I go to check the kids to see if they are properly covered.

    The kids take off their socks and kick off their blankets only to wake up with a runny nose.

    So, we go and check on them, sometimes even in the middle of the night.

    And this happens all the time.

    The amazing thing is that none of them is aware of it.

    We come and cover them, position them back on the pillow and in the morning we ask them, "did you have a good night?" And all say, "yes." 

    But none is aware of what happened whilst they were sleeping.

    Virtually clueless and yet we don't hold it against them because that is what parents do. 

    And so it is with God. He is constantly in our lives and delivering us from trouble and covering and protecting us.

    God has reconciled us to Himself without even asking us if it was a good idea.

    Christ died for us whilst we were still enemies with God, were without strength, and ungodly.

    And that is God's love towards His people.

    All the things that we claim to do by own power and will guess what?

    It is God who comes stealthily and orders all our things for us.

    But instead of saying thank you Lord like my kids in the morning, we just get up and think we owed a restful night to our own sleeping.

    There is no rest for the wicked. Rest comes from God, especially eternal rest, the true Sabbath, that is by the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

    Instead of saying it is by Grace alone that we stand before a holy and righteous God we want to talk about our own will and decisions.

    That is not correct teaching. To Christ alone be the glory of our salvation.

    And it is free!