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Sinning Less than Before
by Renat Ilyasov
Sinning Less than Before

    No one can be saved by "sinning less than before", i.e. by committing less obvious sins.  But our flesh is still putting on this show, we are still trying hard to deceive ourselves and others.

    Our human measurements of holiness, such as "doing relatively better" {than other people} fall short of God's perfect righteousness, they cannot meet the requirements of God's law. The Thrice Holy God will not accept a "relative progress" in obedience to moral law, in place of true, perfect obedience to the law.

    Either Christ is our righteousness and sanctification, or we perish. There is no hope for us outside of Christ and His work.

Renat Ilyasov is a teacher and pastor of a home church in Kursk, Russia.