Pristine Grace

Do You Wonder?
by Henry Mahan
Do You Wonder?

    Do you sometimes wonder why your relatives, who love you and enjoy your company, have no interest in your gospel, your church or your testimony? They are not sinners! They need no mediator with God!

     Do you wonder why your co-workers enjoy talking about religion, denominations, churches and even freedom, but they have no interest or desire to talk about Christ and salvation? They are not sinners! They need no Savior!

    Do you wonder why old people are all religious and talk about going to heaven, meeting their loved ones and living without pain or death! Yet, they never mention Christ and His sacrifice for sin by which we have the hope of life? They are not sinners! They are all good people - Now!

    Do you wonder why most religious people (even preachers) never raise the question, "How can man be just with God?" "How can a holy God forgive and receive an unholy sinner and still be holy and just?" They are not sinners! They do not need a righteousness; they have one of their own.

    Do you wonder why most preachers do not preach salvation by grace alone, Christ alone, through His blood and righteousness alone? They are not sinners! Only sinners need apply for such great mercy and grace!

    Great sinners need a great Savior!