Pristine Grace

Believers Can Be Ugly
by John Pedersen
Believers Can Be Ugly
  1. Pose a false dilemma.
  2. Erect a straw man.
  3. Equate the life and the expressed convictions of actual persons with aforementioned straw man.
  4. Cut straw man into pieces, burn him, and demonstrate not even so much as the hint of a doubt as to whether you have accurately and truthfully represented the person you have judged.
  5. Be smug, dismissive, and openly, even gleefully ridiculing of those who disagree or take issue with the false dilemma at the basis of your judgment(s).

    Its ugly. But believers in the true gospel can be very ugly indeed at times. They can be mistaken and they can be misled, and can be sinfully mean and nasty.

    Our Good Shepherd loves His people nonetheless, and will gather and vindicate His Name by the fruit of their lips.

    The righteousness of God is revealed in the gospel, and the gospel is the standard whereby all believers are corrected, rebuked, humbled, and comforted. All to whom the righteousness of God has been revealed know the gospel, know the standard, and are thus subject to the correction it brings them as they go through this life.