Pristine Grace

The Substitute Teacher
by Nicholas Wade
The Substitute Teacher

    All man born from the womb are born enemies towards God. He who is all good and holy is hated by all humanity. Some are rebellious in perverted debauchery. Some others are religious in morality. Both are so in idolatrous delusion of Satan's lie that we can be like God knowing good and evil. Justifying self to one degree or another. Either "I'm good with God" or " I'm not like that sinner" or "I'm going to church and reading scripture, i don't cuss and drink and sin often/willingly" or even the more wicked will just deny evil as it is and twist it all up into confusion so such are not guilty.

    God's word declares all mankind is evil. His wrath is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of man. Diseases, war, riots, plauges, as well as false teachers, world leaders, the increase of wickedness, ect are all His judgements against evil humanity. Yet still final Judgement is coming where He will stain His garments with the blood of all the wicked and cleanse the earth of them. 

    What hope is there then? If God is holy judge of the earth and all are guilty, who then can be saved? I tell you the truth, God will not acquit the guilty. He will not set free evil persons without a satisfaction of His justice. Every one must pay the price for sin. That price is death. So then what hope of life can any have? It must be found in God's grace to give of Himself the solution to the problem. Thank Him that He did. A Substitute.

    God sent a substitute in the room and stead of His chosen people. He has chosen to have mercy and chosen to show grace to a few. Let me explain this matter to be clear: God will have mercy and will have grace succeed. That grace is intimately connected with the doctrine of Election. Election of persons before being born of the flesh, to no consideration of their good or bad deeds, apart from any morality, and without their will as a factor for God's choosing to give mercy and save. It is wholly by His choice to select people from before the world was created and give in their stead a substitute.

    This substitute is the eternal Son of God. This fact is essential and can't be undervalued. It is also tied to the previous assertion for Jesus is a substitute to particular persons. This means He died in their place. He was charged (imputed) with the many sins of all the people He represented and through His death He satisfied the justice God required. This means with certainty that God's people will never die. Yea, we are put in the ground and our bodies decay but we are in God's perspective only asleep waiting. 

    More to say on substitution. Consider Jesus our forerunner and His subjection to the will of the Father. He was harmless yet harmed. He did not revile though He was reviled. He never bared false witness against another but He was subjected to all manner of lies against Him. He was beaten, mocked, scorned, hated by all, abused, openly shamed, and ultimately killed. Yet, it was the Fathers will to bruise Him and it pleased God to do so. Christ willing shut His mouth as a lamb and entrusted Himself to the Father who is faithful and judges in righteousness. Christ laid His life down for the glory of God for the sake of the sheep. In their place He suffered much at man's hands, but on the tree where He was made a curse, He bore the fullness of God's holy wrath! He drank that cup from it's brim to its end and let not one drop go untasted. All the sins of all the elect were upon His shoulders and God condemned sin in the flesh of His Son that none of Christ's elect would ever bare that dread.

    God then raised the Savior by the Spirit. Jesus took life up again. Justified. Declaring God's satisfaction and His justice to pardon the worst of sinners for Christ's sake. Imputing to those sinners chosen in Christ His death, giving them the Holy Spirit of Truth, through the declaration of this gospel, teaching the chosen ones of their sin, of God's justice, and of the substitute who satisfied the Almighty. This truth is found only in the Holy Scriptures, declaring God's righteousness from the beginning of history to the climax of the resurrection and demonstration of the Spirit's power to birth sinners in the truth. Not in religion, or church, or morality, not politics, not idols, not self, but Christ alone who is that Substitute who teaches the elect of God, God's way. All that have ears to hear and believe have been crucified with Christ and Jesus lives in them. All who don't believe, are condemned already and will perish, all in God's will. To His glory and praise forever.