Pristine Grace

Heaven is For Those Who Belong to Him
by Malcolm Turner
Heaven is For Those Who Belong to Him

    There is a misconception that heaven is for everyone or that everyone who dies goes to heaven. This is false and not based on the testimony of God's holy word. Heaven is for the redeemed of the Lord, those who have been chosen by God, called and who have had their sins forgiven and are saved.

    It is very easy to know where you are heading when you leave this life. "He that believes on Him ( that is to put your trust in Jesus Christ alone as your only Saviour from sin and your only hope of being saved) is not condemned: but he who believes not is condemned already because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God"

    The thought of going to heaven while you have rejected God and His Son, neglected His Gospel and salvation, of living your life for yourself alone may please the flesh and sound very nice but it is a lie. Heaven is for those who belong to the Lord Jesus Christ and who have believed the Gospel and trusted Him. If you don't belong to Him you can be sure that heaven will not be your home.