Pristine Grace

Election Thoughts
by Joe Terrell
Election Thoughts

    We are about to reach the end of our nation’s quadrennial frenzy over who shall occupy the positions of power in our government. We have been bombarded with campaign ads decrying the opposition candidate as evil incarnate with the one making the ad claiming to be the only hope we have of holding back the wave of destruction the opposition will most certainly bring.

    But the child of God does not have to participate in that frenzy. We do not have to act as though the things we hold most dear are put at risk by the possibility that this or that candidate will win. In fact, if we are in great distress over the possibility that what we hold most dear will be lost, it is likely that we are holding the wrong things most dear!

    There are genuine believers on both sides of the political aisle of our nation (yes, there really are), and seeing that they are not only believers but humans as well, they can get caught up in the stress of a national election. I know I can. What can we do to settle our nerves and calm our hearts as we go to the polls and await the results?

    Remember that our true citizenship is in heaven. I am thankful to be a citizen of the USA. But if the USA were to fall (as all nations eventually do) I will not lose my citizenship in heaven. Part of the believer’s problem with stress and anxiety over the outcome of elections is that he forgets where his true citizenship lies so gets caught up in matters that pertain only to this world.

    Remember that our Lord, Who loved us and gave Himself for us, is immovably seated upon the throne of the universe, and He rules with undeniable power and authority. When men resist Christ’s Lordship, God doesn’t worry; He laughs; He has them in derision. Our king always wins.

    Remember that, whoever wins our national, state, and local elections, he or she will be the one God wants to be there, put in that place to do God’s will for the benefit of His people. Every last one of them will do exactly what God has ordained for them to do to drive history toward God’s determined end. And that end is the eternal salvation of His elect.

    Remember that we are told not to fret when evil men prosper, and seeing that we are exhorted against such fretting, we can be certain there is no need for such fretting. In an evil world, evil men will prosper. It has been that way ever since Adam sinned. Yet these prospering evil men and women have never hindered the work of God in the least but have, instead, been used of God to bring about His sovereign will. It is God that has exalted them to their position, and it is He that will remove them when He is done with them.

    Remember that while the world is limited to seeking access to the positions of power in this world, we who believe have free and constant access to Him who rules all things and works all thing according to the counsel of His own will. We can come to the throne of grace with confidence that we will find the mercy we need to help us in any time of need.

    So, child of God, do not fret. Your Lord has every one of the petty powers of this world under His control. He is not worried about what is happening, and neither should you and I worry about it. Does your guy win? Fine. Does the other guy win? Then say. “Well, it appears that my Father believes that this person will fulfill His purpose rather than the one I voted for. I guess I’ll just trust the wisdom of my Father, pray for the one He has chosen, and go on with my life.” The Hymn writer put it beautifully:

This is my Father’s word. O, let me not forget,

That though the wrong seems oft so strong,

God is the ruler yet.

This is my Father’s world; the battle is not done.

Jesus who died shall be satisfied,

Aand earth and heaven be one!