Pristine Grace

God's Decree
by Jonas C. Sikes

If Jehovah is Infinite in all His ways,

Giving life to man and numbering his days,

Who dares to impeach Him if in His wise plan

He gave shape and direction to the ways of man?


If He in His wisdom did all things create,

Should He turn loose the helm, leave things to Fate?

Did He not have a right in His sinless decree

To mark the way for both you and for me?


If He did decree just what we should do,

I cannot arraign Him, say brother, can you?

Before whom will you try Him as judge of your court?

Who will act as your clerk and make your report?


If all things are in the decree of His will

And all things are working the same to fulfill,

Who but a vile sinner too wicked to bow,

Would call Him in question or say, What doest thou?


If He decree the death of His only Son,

The sinless, the righteous, the most Holy One,

And this did not make Him the author of sin,

To make Him the author, where will you begin?


Will you begin with Judas whose act was foretold,

And as was determined His Master he sold?

Did not the dear Savior say woe to that man,

I go as determined in God's holy plan.


If Pharoah be one you think would no doubt,

Prove that God's purpose was not carried out,

Did not God command him by Moses you know?

Saying, thus sayeth Jehovah, let My people go.


Yet will I harden, yes, harden his heart,

That he shall refuse and not let them depart,

Till I bring My just plagues on all of your foes,

And thus get Me honor on him and his host.


Yet sinners most wicked will oft Him arraign

Against His just counsel, they often complain,

And say, if He decreed all things to the end,

Then He is unjust and the author of sin.


The heathen may rage and imagine vain things,

The lowest, the highest, yea, even their kings,

And shout till the world hear the sound of their din,

The author, the author, the author of sin.


His saints will still praise Him and shout as they go,

Jehovah most holy all things doth foreknow;

His counsel did settle just how they should be,

So shout on you heathen, you don't disturb me.


We learn from an angel that time shall soon end,

And saints shall be welcomed by Jesus, their friend,

This all is established by holy decree,

For this it is written, and thus it shall be.


If all things are certain, then how came them so?

If things were not certain, how could God foreknow?

Were all things to which foreknowledge relate

Made certain by the old heathen goddess of Fate?


We surely know at a thought or a glance,

That things are not left to haphazard or chance,

Will some please tell me that I may once see,

How things can be certain, yet uncertain be?


Now, while you are thinking, I'll come to a halt,

If you don't see the point, it isn't my fault;

But, brother, please tell me how this thing can be?

All things were made certain without a decree.