Pristine Grace

From One Compromising Heretic to Another
by Brandan Kraft
From One Compromising Heretic to Another

O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you? - Galatians 3:1

    I'm continually amazed at the many ways men find to make laws for others to live under.  I'm continually amazed how men are able to twist even the free grace of God into a law that must be obeyed in order to be saved.  You see this now amongst what I call the neo-gnostic crowd.  They have turned their standard into a rule for living that you must abide by in order to be counted as a brother amongst them.

    Ever run in to an argument like this before?  "Spurgeon was a heretic, therefore if you think he was a believer, you adopt his false Gospel and are therefore a heretic too."  Just this week, another person on facebook publicly responded to my article on eating the meat and spitting out the bones.

"Beware of Brandan.  He compromises by sharing articles from Spurgeon, who exalted Arminian John Wesley... and John Calvin who believed in universal atonement...  When confronted, Kraft merely puts a disclaimer that he doesn't necessarily agree with everything taught by these men.   That isn't good enough.  Anyone who promotes a false gospel and [or] its preachers is compromising and is guilty by association.  Kraft is a snake." - Laurie Bernardini

    This is but one example of the same argument I've seen time and time again on social media primarily.  As you can see, I don't measure up to Ms. Bernardini's standard that she has created for others to live under.  Apparently, I'm now worthy of the fires of hell and damnation because I even associate with dead people not on her approved list. I normally wouldn't call others out by name like this, but since she attacked me publicly, I've decided to respond publicly.  This attitude is something I don't run into in the assemblies that I meet with to worship the Lord.  These arguments are usually made by those online that portend for the sovereign grace camp and somehow thinks it is their duty to police the internet and protect innocent sheep from falling into the likes of people like me. 

    But their argument is really no different than saying that they don't care about Gospel profession, even if it is perfectly like theirs.  They have a standard of judging people that goes  beyond the Gospel.  And that is their own personal law that they will try to drag you down with....

"Oh, you believe those nasty Galatians were brethren?  You agree with Paul that they stumbled over the Gospel, but you still call them believers?  Well you're a snake! You are a god-hating compromiser and I don't really care what you have to say about the Gospel, even if it's the same Gospel I preach, you will be a god-hating heretic and will remain lost in your sins until I determine you have repented properly." - Another Run of the Mill High Grace Predestinarian Neo-Gnostic Heresy Hunter

    This my friends is another Gospel.   This is legalism.  And it is deadly.  

So then, brethren[these are same foolish and bewitched galations in 3:1 above] we are not children of the bondwoman, but of the free. - Gal 4:31

    I am thankful that most people eventually burn out on this type of religion.  It gets old bashing on people all day, calling each other names and posting theological scalps on your Facebook wall, especially when no response is given.  I've seen a few of them now turn to atheism and some even murder themselves because they couldn't find any assurance or peace with their religious laws.  And sadly,  I expect I will continue to do so.   Let us not be likewise, and continue to extend fellowship to those who come to us confessing Christ.  Let's not be like the so-called self-identified gospel defenders who erect barriers to fellowship and law for others to live under.  Let us not bear false witness against one another, and serve one another with love and humility.   Let us not sow discord amongst the brethren.  And may we continue to trust God and continue to walk with those whom He has given us with which to walk.